I have weevils. Actually that is a bit misleading, I personally am not infested with weevils, the kitchen cupboard is. Little crawly brown insecty things, WEEVILS. What the bollocks is that about? I thought weevils were one of those strange medieval critters that died out about the same time as the navy stopped using wooden sailing ships and pressganging drunks in Southampton into service but apparently not because they are alive and thriving in my kitchen. I bloody well knew that getting a breadmaker and posing as some sort of domestic goddess was a mistake, they came in in a bag of flour. You don't get this kind of crap with a Warburton's presliced white do you? Not only that but when Micah discovered we were (for want of a nicer word) 'infested' he got all hygenic on me and went a bit mental with the disinfectant. Which would have been fine if we'd had any normal disinfectant in the house but we didn't, we only had Dettol so now my entire house smells like a 1920s surgical ward. He also washed all the crockery that had been in the cupboard with Dettol but didn't tell me so this morning's wake-up coffee tasted like a cross between coffee and a hospital corridor. Nice.


In other news:

  • I've just seen a drunk with a bottle of cider walk past my office window and it's not even 10am. How is it that tramps can drink 2 litres of cider and not be found upside down in a gutter? I once drank 4 pints of cider. I was removed from the pub at 10pm by a concerned friend and taken home, I've have no recollection of anything past 8pm and had a 3 day hangover. So how can a tramp drink 2 litres and merely slur and point? It's a medical mystery.
  • My hunt for more interesting employment than my current job continues. No jot so far although I have only sent off 2 application forms so possibly assuming I'd already be doing something thrilling might have been a little overambitious.
  • We are dogsitting this evening for my mum and dad which means we have to take our dog round tot heir house. This means we can look forward to a fun packed evening of my mum and dad's dog chasing my dog round the house and trying to bugger him. What joy.



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