It’s going to end up getting me fired!

It's more addictive than crack, booze, gambling and flashing your undercrackers at passing strangers. Not all of which I'm addicted to, I should point out. It is, of course, Facebook. It's riveting. It's pictures of people you went to school with and haven't seen in ten years, it's the snooty bitch who thought she was it in 5th year now sporting 3 chins and a husband who looks like the missing link. It's the most amazingly easy way to nosy into the lives of people you'd forgotten existed and to catch up on old times and old photos, laughing at the clothes you used to wear and the fact that you used to sport a quiff that was so firmly hairsprayed into place that if you'd been run over the car would have come off worse.


But Facebook has a dark and sinister side. It's also people you slept with at university and wondering why on earth no one told you that he was butt ugly and clearly a complete loser. It's your ex boyfriend that you lived with for two years and worse than this, it's his wife. It's snooping on people that you really ought to leave well alone because you've survived without them (and them without you) for long enough for you to know better. It's wasting entire afternoons looking up people when you should be sorting the mammoth and boring pile of paper that is tipping over the sides of your intray.


And if I don't get a grip it's going to get me fired!

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One Response

  1. Haha luckily my main "employers" can't fire me 😉
    It is bloody addictive though, I've had to ration myself to checking a couple of times a day when the kids are settled for a moment!

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