Questions and job hunting

I pinched this from Jemma at Spidermonky (which I would put a link to if I had any idea how, when it comes to technology I am rather backwards)!

Two names you go by:

Vicola and Spider


Two things you are wearing right now:

A fleece and a frown


Two things you would want (or have) in a relationship:

Happiness and hugs


Two of your favorite things to do:

Walk the dog in the rain and ride horses


Two things you want very badly at the moment:

To not be at work and to get an interview for nay of the jobs I have applied for


Two pets you had/have:

Flora (guinea pig) and Geoffrey (dog)

Two people who will answer these questions, or first to send it back:

Not entirely sure as I only know about 3 people on here! I am such a hermit. 


Two things you did last night:

Went for dinner at my parents and cleaned horseshit off my riding boots. In that order.


Two things you ate yesterday:

Bacon sandwich and tarte tatin with ice cream. I only had the tarte with ice cream though, not the bacon sandwich.


Two people you have last talked to:

A site agent and the Fridge Witch from our office.


Two things you're doing tomorrow: 

Going to bastard work and wishing I wasn't at bastard work.


Two longest car rides:

Trip to the Vendee in France and a ski trip to Austria. Which techinically was a coach journey but I'm sure still counts.


Two favorite holidays: 

A visit to my then-best-friend's house in Pevensey for a week and my honeymoon.


Two favorite drinks:

Vodka and Tonic, Woo Woo.



I am currently job hunting and I'd forgotten what a hideously soul destroying process that is. You fill in many application forms only to get no interviews and you know perfectly well that half the things you're applying for are already filled, they are only advertising externally because the law says they have to. But I have to keep trying because if I stay here much longer then I'm going to kill the last few remaining brain cells that I have. I can't be bothered doing anything very much at work  because I've lost all motivation and I don't give a bugger. And hte worst of it is it's only Monday morning so I've got a whole week more of this happy horseshit before I get a day off. Happy days eh?  

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One Response

  1. Thanks for the increase of humour action on my face.
    What job, which company are you at?
    Try sending off scripts, writing and anything creative it's like putting your soul in a garden shredder on the "fine mince" setting. One of my fave rejection comments came after I sent of a comedy script to a comedy production company who wrote to tell me "We don't produce this kind of work". I then saw at least two of my sketches from the script on a programme they produced. "Simultaneous development" could be cited, except they used the script almost verbatim. At least change the name of the characters guys…
    What their comment should have said, and I believe that it was simply a typo; "We don't pay, recompense or acknowledge your copyright for this, we kindly thank you for letting us off going to the trouble of producing our own work". Yeah, that would have been what they actually meant.
    Good luck with the job searching.

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