At least it’s Friday

Spider count since last post – 5. Although 2 of them may possibly have been the same spider that had moved, it's difficult to tell.


Getting up in the dark is bad. Getting up in the dark when your husband gets to stay in bed where it's warm and nice and cosy really stinks. It's so tempting to just switch on all the lights and put the radio on, on the grounds that if I'm awake and up everyone else should be too but so far I have resisted the urge. What was especially grim about getting up this morning is that I got up, in the dark, to sit in the rush hour traffic in order to get to work for our monthly safety meeting, an event that promises to test the limit of human endurance by boring you until you're willing your body to shut down just for something interesting to do.  Grim. And this one looks like it's going to be a long one. Still, we once had a 6 hour one and it can't be as long as that one, at least it won't be for me anyway because if it gets to 4 hours I'm leaving and I don't give a toss if I get fired.


Latest Facebook news is that I'm wondering if Facebook might not be bad for someone as nosy as me. It's the online equivilent of peering through someone's netcurtains and rummaging in their bin. It's also very addictive and I waste far too much time fiddling about on it. I am concerned that I don't have 200 friends and other people I know do. Am I a hermit? Or some variety of social leper? I also think I need to stop looking up ex boyfriends to see if they got fat or got a better looking girlfriend than me. I need to stop this because:

a) I am a 28 year old married woman and should be more of a grown up. I should be above delighting in the fact that the little weasel that cheated on me at university still appears to be a loser, now has three chins and is going out with a complete pig-dog.

b) I didn't like most of the people I went out with when I went out with them so why on earth am I now looking them up?

c) When I discover things like the fact that one of my ex's (who I lived with for a couple of years and was best friends with for a long time) has had a baby with the vicious tramp that banned him from communicating with me in any way 3 years ago it pisses me off. I have no right to be pissed off but yet I am and this makes me even grumpier than normal. Which is stupid.


Perhaps I shouold do something more practical with my time. Like the work that I'm actually being paid to do.  Or perhaps not, never mind, at least it's Friday.

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  1. Actually, I've got to say, I think it's more telling (and so more interesting) to discover who isn't on facebook than who is. But got to agree with you on all those points! Are we evil? Nah! 😉

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