It’s the middle of the week folks!

Well, it's now the middle of the week, only 3 and a half days til the weekend. Which is mighty good as it's gone mental at work at the moment. I am currently doing the work of 2 people, myself and our NE advisor who is frankly, not worth the airspace that he takes up. Nice chap, completely bloody hopeless. This means that while I am covering the arse of a bloke who is on 5k a year more than me my own work is falling behind and I am in danger of drowing in a sea comprised entirely of bits of paper, training requests and invoices. I was moaning that my job was boring and there was nothing to do last month, be careful what you wish for……..

On the bright side, I don't work for the customs and revenue department so it could be worse. I love the fact that they said it was 'regrettable' that they had lost the personal details of 25 million individuals. How is it 'earth-shatteringly, daily-fine-emptying-your -bank-accountingly, calamatously appalling' to the revenue folks if you hand in your tax return a month late but only 'regrettable' to lose the names, addresses, dates of birth and bank account details of half the population? Methinks they need to assess their priorities. Though perhaps it'll wait till they've assessed how the YTS lad was allowed to copy massive amounts of confidential data then lose it. And this is the collection of incompetants who want me to give them my biometric data along with everything else so they can issue me with a stupid card? I don't think so. Bet Alistair Darling was REALLY looking forward to work this morning, he's a shoe-in for the office 'Wanker of the Week' trophy.

Micah and I are off for drinks with my friend Lou and her husband this Saturday. After last time we went out for drinks with them I'm slightly nervous. Last time I woke in the morning fully clothed. There was Vimto up the wall, which was an intriguing mystery, not only because I don't have any recollection of how it got there but also because we don't buy Vimto and didn't have any in the house. Another mystery was the 2 laptop batteries next to the bed. I've no memory of how they got there either and I don't own a laptop. I can only assume that in a state of extreme drunkenness I broke into someone's house, stole their laptop batteries and made myself a glass of Vimto for the journey home. It's entirely possible because getting home is another chunk of the evening that didn't make its mark on my memory. I am a disgrace. In the morning I got up and felt ok. It took a while for me to realise that this was because I was still pissed. When I sobered up I felt very very far from ok. Hangover from hell. Very nasty. This time I am determined, I will not end up a hideously drunken mess who has to be poured out of a taxi complete with the random items she has acquired throughout the night. I can do it!!

I think.

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