Thump an Accountant

I hereby nominate today as 'National Thump An Accountant Day'. I will be thumping the sanctimonius, pedantic, smug little twerp from our accounts department downstairs who has just come up to give me a lecture on how the safety department is not a money making department and needs to cut back on training costs for site staff but you can choose any accountant you like. If there's a weedy little bean-counting, pen-pushing pedant out there who has made your life more difficult then go on, cut loose, thump them.

I take no responsibility for any resulting legal action.

And I apologise to any accountant out there who is not a complete arse.

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3 Responses

  1. I so agree… in my case its lawyers and middle management, and trust me, they're worse, I'd take accountants any day….!

  2. Accountants, pah, they're mild mannered keepers of the kings purse when compared to a civil servant with 1 scintilla of power over you.

  3. They are certainly beaten by the sanctimonious, horn-toed witch at Bury Council's council tax department. Now there is a woman who has been given an iota of power and is determined to wring every last drop of misery from it.

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