One of the dogs has a tumour. Well we think it's a tumour, given that it's large, very firmly attached and is getting progressively larger as the dog gets progressively smaller. He's going for a biopsy tomorrow. It's funny how attached you can get to a dog in 11 years, even though he doesn't speak English and he tries to mount your other dog whenever he gets a chance. In fact once he tried to mount my friend's toddler who was crawling round the floor. Fortunately Lou has a well developed sense of humour and didn't take offence. Some people would have been very put out at Barney trying to work out children via the medium of buggery. Fortuntely he didn't get beyond the 'standing on the child' stage before being unceremoniously removed to the garden to think about what he'd done.

Poor old dog. I'm going to go out on my lunch break and buy him some cheese.

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