Slightly Panhandled

I have a stinking cold courtesy of the office Fridge Witch who has been coughing all over people for a week. Get thee hence plague carrier. I was going to write about my trip down South to visit my brother and the Exeter site but unfortunately the only painkillers anyone had in the office were Ibuprofen and so I took a couple. I'm allergic to them and am now pleasantly stoned. Like my brain is wearing a little furry coat which is stopping the ideas from coming out. I keep giggling at silly things and now my boss thinks I'm mad. Which is nice. I've just laughed at a man form the Red Cross who rang to tell me a NE bloke didn't turn up for his course this morning but it's ok because I did remember to say have a nice christmas and new year. And I'm thinking of emailing my sister in law to tell her she needs therapy because she's as mad as a sack of angry badgers. Cass says this is not a good idea because once hte ibuprofen wears off I may regret it and and might have to apologise which could be embarassing.

The nice thing about these little tablets is that this morning I was really grumpy but now I am nice and mellow. I don't care if site managers ring me up and shout at me about bog all, I don't care that I just knocked a stack of papers off the back of the desk adn I don't care that I forgot my purse and have about half a litre of fuel in the car to get home through Friday traffic. I don't give a bugger because it's nearly christmas and my feet have gone slightly numb.Happy Christmas people!!!

I'm going to go now because i think I might not be making much sense anymore. Perhaps I'll find somewhere to go to sleep for a while.

Oooh. Someone just gave me a calendar. Pretty.

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