10 things to say….

Jemma at Spidermonky put up a brilliant and intriguing post where she wrote 10 things that she'd like to say to people but hadn't or couldn't. I thought this was fab so I've done my own (and as Jemma said, all of these are about people I know in person not online so don't think I'm being mean about anyone who may read this!).


1) You're great. You drink wine and bitch with me and we sit in the pub and rant. If I didn't know you then I'd probably explode.


2) You are the most self centred, navel gazing, pathetic, attention seeking witch I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. You don't deserve to know him let alone be related to him and it's no mere quirk of fate that you haven't got even one friend in this world. It's because you're a cow. Even he can't be arsed with you now and I can't say I blame him after he's taken your frankly embarrassing crap for years. Incidentally if you ever speak to me or him again the way you did last year I will take you to pieces, I really will.


3) Thank you both for everything you've done for me over the years. I know you think you made mistakes but I'm sure everyone does and I couldn't have asked for better. I never say it because it's not the way I am but I do love you both. 


4) I'm worried about you and I don't know what to do to make things better for you. If I could make him change and be what he was or what you want him to be then I would but I don't know how. It's the way he was brought up and maybe if you two could sit down and talk properly without anything getting in the way you could find your way through this. I hope it works out for you, I truly do and if I can do anything to help it work out then I will.


5) Woof. Biscuit?


6) We used to hate each other and now we don't. Hurrah! Even though I used to beat you up when you were small and I once put stamps all over your head I think you're ok. And that's the closest you're going to get to a compliment, don't want you getting big headed now do we? And I still have 2 of your DVDs.


7) I'm sorry for any hurt I ever caused you. I was young but it isn't an excuse and I honestly never meant to cause you pain. I know now that constantly looking round the corner for something better was a mistake and I should have valued you for what you are but it's too late to change things and maybe things worked out that way for a reason, maybe I'd have hurt you more if I'd stayed. I wish you happiness and I hope your life is everything you hoped it would be. If you ever need a friend then you know how to find me.  


8) I was the only person who stuck up for you when everyone was calling you a lunatic and a stirrer. For years. And what do you go and do? Prove them right and make me look like a trusting pillock. If you want to play your stupid games then fine but don't you dare go telling people I said things that I didn't say and trying to cause arguments that involve me. I've seen the light now, don't worry and I'll be keeping my distance from now on. And you might as well know that your brother has no intention of paying the debt you racked up with Kent County Council because you've spent his father's entire savings, this time honey you're on your own.


9) I don't pretend to understand why you did what you did, I'm sure your upbringing and what happened in the war were a big part of it but I wanted you to know that it was a long time ago now and I've put it behind me. There isn't enough of you left to hate so there isn't any point, I want you to know that I forgive you.


10) It's been over a year since you died and I still miss you! You were a brilliant person and some of the things you used to say have passed into family legend. If I can be half the person you were in your lifetime then I'll be proud of myself. And the bingo caller incident can still have the entire family in stitches with tears rolling down their faces. You were great!


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  1. I bet I know who #2 was directed at!

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