Bastard Glass Ceiling

Well here's a new problem that I've not come up against before. I didn't get through to final interview for the job I went for, despite having a really good interview. In fact I'm struggling to find anyone interested in employing me. When I spoke to a few of my friends I found that they were having the same problem. In fact so is my sister in law who has been trying to find a permanent job for a little while. So I sat down (with a consolation glass of wine and the remains of my christmas Chocolate Orange) to have a think about why this might be.

Things we've all got in common:

1) We all like to bitch. Well that's not something you advertise in interviews so it probably doesn't count.

2) We all look normal. None of us have a twitch or a hunchback or extra fingers. Since we're not going for jobs as models or medical guinea pigs this is unlikely to be relevant.

3) We've all got a decent employment history, experience in our fields, good exam results and we're all intelligent. You'd think this would make it easy to get a job wouldn't you? You'd be wrong.


So if none of these things were making a difference it had to be the last point:

4) We're all married and we're all in our twenties.

Potential employers read this statement and see 2 words flashing at them in huge red letters, with alarms and sirens and dancing trolls on top:


Maternity Leave


And d'you know what? There's fuck all we can do about it. They aren't allowed by law to ask if we intend to have children and even if we venture the information they aren't going to believe us. So what the hell do we do now? I've no idea. I can't stay where I am until I am deemed old enough to not be dangerous anymore, I'll go mental so what the hell do I do? No one wants me because of my age and sex but since I can't prove intent I'm pretty much buggered.


Got to admit, I'm completely stumped by this one.

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2 Responses

  1. Arse. This is why unimportant things lke gender and age should be left off applicant criteria.Keep trying, someone will see past those flashing red letters.

  2. Several things you can do.Freelance; either full time or at weekends away from your main job. Depending on what you do for a living you could even become a consultant to smaller firms.At your next interview offer them that choice, tell them you are prepared to be paid as a freelancer. This removes you from their liabilities as an employer and gives you your gross salary to play with. Get a good accountant and he'll save you more than you currently pay in tax and NI. You don't get maternity leave but you could build up a nice nest egg for the day thay you plan to have kids.Lie; fight fire with fire, work it into the conversation "We thought our problem conceiving was something to do with my husband spending 6 months taking readings from the core at Chernobyl but it turns out my womb is more barren than Britney Spears Talent Bank so we are planning to devote our time rescuing stray cats and metal detecting at weekends". Seriously do it, they can't sack you if you then have an "accident".Start you own company and call the customers/clients of the people who turned you down and try to take their custom away. Revenge; served cold on a bed of "fuck you" arseholes.Apply for 100 jobs, someone will want you before you get to interview 100 it's a numbers game.Keep going, just stop looking at the things that don't pan out, and concentrate on what the possibilities are that are still on the table. All the very best to you and your mates (hey you could always get together and start your own ahem "Gentlemens Club"?)

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