I decided to put my name into a search engine just to make sure that this didn't come up. And lo and behold it did, I've put my actual full name somewhere, like the pillock that I am and now I've had to go through every entry and check it, changing some of them to make sure they can only be viewed by my neighbourhood in case someone strays onto here. Bugger bugger bugger, why am I not more careful?

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  1. I hate it when that happens! I've given up on trying to hide mine now. My in-laws manage to find me wherever I go so oh well! I do keep certain entries private though, but you probably know that. 🙂

  2. Jesus, if mine found this then all hell would break loose. And I'd probably end up divorced because Micah reckons his mum can do no wrong, ever. On the bright side I don't suppose my presence would be required at any more of the never ending and exceedingly stressful family gatherings.

  3. I had exactly the same reaction when I googled myself about a year ago and up came a list of all my social networking sites where I don't even use my full name! I was absolutely horrified.I would check the profile page – the trouble is with google (if it was google) that it all depends on when the data was collected. You can delete the references, but until the search engine refresh *their* data, the reference to your blog will be there 😦

  4. This is what I've found, I've removed the post that had my name in it but it is still coming up on google. I'm horrified, if any of my inlaws have found it I'm right in the mire. Mind you, given what I've written I suspect that if one of my inlaws had found it I'd know by now. I'd be able to hear the tantrum from 400 miles away.

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