A little favour…..

18 months ago my friend Charlotte's mum, Ros, was diagnosed with Leukemia. Sadly, after a few months of chemo and fighting it, she died. Charlotte has now decided that she's going to do her bit for Cancer Research UK and for Ros by running the Race for Life, along with my best friend Cass. This is a most impressive gesture as in all the time I've known them I've never seen either of them run (I have to confess that they haven't seen me either) although at last orders in the pub they can both summon a fine, brisk walk. If you happen to have a few spare pennies floating around between now and June 1st and you'd like to help out a truly worth cause would you bob along to her secure sponsorship site, Charlotte's Race for Life and sponsor her?

Thank you very much.

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  1. I took part in the race for life a couple of years ago and aside from my shock at making it over the finish line in one piece, I was absolutely amazed at the genuine warmth of the atmosphere and participants. The bit they don't tell you about is to take a tissue along…. you need it after reading everyone's backsheets…

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