Lunatic of the Week

This prestigious award has, for the umpteenth time, been awarded to the lovely Mohammed Al Fayed, a man who takes lunacy and bizarre public behaviour to new heights and who yesterday surpassed even his Harrods 'Shrine to Dodi and Diana'. We are of course referring to his appearance at the inquest into Diana's death and in case anyone missed the truly spectacular list of people that Mr Al Fayed thinks conspired to kill Diana and Dodi it can be found here, along with some choice snippets that he also came up with. According to Mr Al Fayed, Prince Philip is related to Frankenstein which is odd not only because Frankestein was Austrian and Phil is Greek but also because Frankenstein was a fictional character created by Mary Shelley. Still, as the mad Egyptian is proving time and again, there is absolutely no reason to let boring old facts get in the way of a good accusation.

Now don't get me wrong, I feel very sorry for Al Fayed. He lost his son and no one should have to experience the pain of losing their child however this is not an excuse to squander thousands upon thousands of pounds of taxpayer's money in fruitless enquiries which all come to the same conclusion. It's not a public enquiry that Al Fayed requires, it's residential mental treatment, a serious course of therapy to deal with his delusional behaviour, help him to channel his grief in a more productive way and frankly stop him from causing yet more embarrassment to his poor family. He may feel that this a good way to avenge his son but has he given any more than 3 seconds thought to Diana's sons? 2 young men who every six months pick up their morning paper to find the department store demon on the front pages decalring that their grandfather and father had their mother bumped off because she was up the duff with his grandchild and about to marry his son. Does he think that this is going to make their cornflakes seem more appetising and send them out of the door to face the workd with a smile and a spring in their step? Doubtful. They probably just want to kick him in the arse. I'm not related to Diana, I don't worship Diana, I'm not even interested in Diana and I want to kick him in the arse so lord alone knows how annoyed they are.

The crowning glory of his performance yesterday had to be when he was asked a question by a BBC journalist and he replied with "I not speaking to you because you a bloody idiot. You working for the establishment, you journalist, you working for MI6, you bloody idiot". Well quite. Frankly, I think it's time for the Al Fayed circus to quietly pack up and go home because it's all becoming very distasteful and more than a little bit silly. Which I would think was fine were I not being expected to pay taxes to fund this lunacy.

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  1. That's funny stuff. I'm not interested in Diana particularly either although I did recently listen to the audiobook "The Diana Chronicles" mostly because I so enjoyed the accent of the reader and figured I should know something about the woman since she's such a cultural icon. Come to think of it I then watched the movie with Helen Mirran so I guess I know more than I thought. The most interesting part to me was how Diana had a hand in the paparazzi being such a factor so in a way she was partly responsible for her own demise. Maybe responsible is the wrong word. The same thing is going to happen soon to Britney or Lindsey I predict. It's really getting ridiculous.

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