Tuesday things

It's time for my first attempt at Tuesday things, as suggested to me by Irish Lucky Lass, so here we go:

Things that annoy me

  • The fact that in a spectacular moment of morning stupidity I forgot my handbag this morning, stranding me at work with no housekeys, money, phone, makeup or hairbrush. I now look like a tramp and can't even text anyone to moan about it.
  • The fact that I am skint. Again. As usual.
  • Whatever has upset my dog's innards. No one needs to be faced with 9 seperate heaps of dog crap adorning the living room carpet at 7am. Least of all me. Which is why I went to work adn left Micah to deal with it.
  • Waiting for my MRI scan of my Crohn's site next Thursday. It doesn't sound like an even slightly pleasant procedure and frankly, I'm bricking it.
  • Having run out of fizzy water. Trying to drink Fortisip without it is like drinking neat cordial and makes your tongue feel like it is wearing a furry jumper.
  • One of my colleagues who takes uselessness to entirely new heights and who makes my job so much more stressful than it really needs to be.
  • I got drunk on Friday night and invited Micah's friends to come and stay with us in the Lake District on Saturday night. I am such a pillock sometimes.


Things that please me

  • It's payday on Thursday, hurrah!!!
  • I'm off work on Thursday afternoon and Friday.
  • After next Thursday my MRI scan will be over and done with and the consultant will stop moaning at me.
  • I'm going to the Lake District on Friday.
  • I'm going shopping for a new dress on Thursday afternoon, always fun.
  • I've discovered how to make nice salad dressing.


So there we go, things in my world this Tuesday.

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One Response

  1. Tuesdays are officially the black hole of the week – they should be blitzed out of the week – or made into an international holiday on humanitarian grounds…

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