Well. It's all over the radio and the TV so it's official, last night Britain had an earthquake. There have been people interviewed on the radio and TV, talking of screaming, terrified wives and children, sleepless nights waiting for the roof to come down, of houses being shaken, of assuming that the world was coming to an end and the apocalypse had arrived.

As it happens I knew there was an earthquake since at about 1am I woke up because the room and the bed were shaking like mad. I'm not at my brightest and best when woken suddenly in the middle of the night and I couldn't work out what was going on so I assumed that it was in my imagination and I was going quietly mad. Then I went back to sleep. All over and done with in roughly 3 minutes. It's to be hoped nothing very important ever happens while I'm asleep because if it does I'll either miss it altogether or assume I dreamed it.

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4 Responses

  1. The same thing happened to me once in Vegas. I had been at the tables all night and finally stumbled back to bed only to awake suddenly to find the chandelier swinging wildly. I groggily thought I must be dreaming and went back to sleep. In the morning I turned on the radio and the DJ was saying "Welcome to Shaky Town!".

  2. Glad it's not just me that does that sort of thing!!

  3. Glad you are okay… freaky that you guys had an earthquake though. Wierd stuff going on with Mother Nature lately.

  4. You did good to notice it – I slept like a lamb thru the whole thing and woke up to 'did you feel the earth move' and me like yeah right, what…?

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