It’s Tuesday again

It's that time of the week again, the time of the week when I dump my Tuesday likes and dislikes onto the page. So, without further ado (and because I'm meant to be sending method statements and risk assessments to United Utilities rather than writing stuff) here is this week's collection:


Things that make me frown this week

  • Work is mentally busy. And I mean mentally, ridiculously busy. I am doing the work of 2 people but unfortunately only being paid the salary of one and the more junior one at that.
  • I have to go for a small intestine MRI scan on Thursday and 'bricking it' doesn't even begin to describe my feelings. This scan involves an anaesthetic spray, a tube, about 3 litres of something or other, 40 minutes in a tube and then the 'evacuation' of 3 litres of something or other from the opposite end to that which it entered. Imagine my delight. See that small creature scampering off down the corridor and disappearing over the horizon? That's my dignity.
  • Thanks to the MRI scan I have been put on a 'low residue' diet until after the test. This appears to involve eating small quantites of exceedingly boring food. I'm starving and I still have 48 hours to go. At this rate they'll have to wire my jaws together to stop me from eating the table I'm lying on during the scan.
  • Again thanks to the scan I can't sleep. So not only am I sodding well starving and bricking it, I'm also knackered.
  • I have a cold. Again. For the 3rd time this year and it's only March.


Things that make me smile this week

  • The thought that by this time next week the scan will be over and done with.
  • Provided my innards are not too ravaged we are going out for dinner and drinks on Saturday night with my two best friends and their other halves. This time I will be attempting to get a whole lot less smashed than the last time we went out with them because I had to paint over the Vimto that had gone up the white wall when I fell over trying to take my trousers off and kicked the glass into the air.
  • Days at work are passing very quickly because it's so busy.


And that is my world this week. Mainly taken over with worrying about my crappy test. Why couldn't I just have ended up with a sodding disease that you can x-ray without the need for 'low residue' diets and gallons of gunge? If this is karma I can only assume that I was a founding member of the Nazi party in a former life. Or perhaps Jack the Ripper?

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One Response

  1. Sounds grim – I'll be thinking of you on thursday and hoping it goes well. And as someone who has been in and out of hospital and prodded and poked over the last year or so, I had to grin at the "See that small creature scampering off down the corridor and disappearing over the horizon? That's my dignity." – Very true! x

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