Tuesday Musings

And once again Tuesday is upon us so it is time to let everyone know what is good and bad in my world.



  • The fact that my boss has just given me a rollocking for missing a couple of forms in the massive stack of paper that was in the office. Yes, well, if I was just doing my job rather than my job, the job of the Bowden site manager and most of the job of the useless twat that is my counterpart in the NE perhaps things would be running a little smoother wouldn't they? And incidentally I'm pissed off because I'm underpaid for what I do.
  • I'm skint again.
  • The bastard council tax has gone up again. Yet the service offered by the council has gone down and they have made swinging cuts. So if the amount of money they are spending has gone down how does my council tax need to go up? It doesn't make sense. Unless you take into account the massive wastage and huge swindles that go on in local councils in which case it all adds up perfectly.
  • The fact that the UK is becoming a complete rip off. Politicians are corrupt, petrol is at an all time high and set to rise higher, the streets are full of pissed up chavs armed with knives and guns and some horse-faced arsehead has scratched the side of my sodding car.
  • I can't get another job because I'm 28 and married so everyone assumes I'm about to go off and breed. Which I'm not but the equal opportunity laws means that they aren't allowed to ask and I'll look like a right lunatic if I march into an interview and announce that I am not about to have babies.



  • Because of Easter not only is it a 4 day week this week but it's also a 4 day week next week. Sometimes religion is a good thing.
  • My cheque has cleared for the money my parents owe me which means that once I sober up from Thursday's girls night I can start planning my garden. which currently is a rectangle of scruffy grass liberally decorated with dog turds but which will soon be an oasis of outdoor happiness. I suspect that keeping it as such is going to involve retraining the dog.
  • I have a girls night at an old school friend's house on Thursday night. We are all dressing in red and going round for meatballs and bellinis to plan Sarah's wedding. Proper girly fun. And contrary to what my husband believes (thanks to film and tv) girly sleepovers DO NOT generally end up with all the girls getting it on.


So there we have it, the good and the bad for today. Have a nice day all!!!

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5 Responses

  1. Your colorful language remains a treat.A rollicking is probably better than a bollocking I should think although I might be off on the vernacular. Skint? Broke?What film and tv show's is your husband watching? We must not get them over here.

  2. Yes, I've just read through that post and I do indeed have a fine grasp of swearing. In fact I have a mouth like fishwife. Shameful. My parent's paid a fortune for my education and I still swear more than drunken sailor.
    Skint does indeed mean broke. It's a Northern English think I think.
    I have no idea what films my husband has been watching but whatever they are I suspect they are not kept on the main shelves of the DVD store and are imported from Europe. He's got a mind like a sewer the mucky swine.

  3. Paid a fortune for your education and now they owe you money? That's a fine twist.
    Methinks there's vulgarity just for the sake of it and then there's colorful writing. Like the nudity in your husband's collection some is likely tasteful and therefore tittilating where as the rest is gratuitous, forced and detumescing. Maybe some girlfriend's are having a roll after a night out but that would tend to complicate matters and soon their would be more ex-girlfriends than girl friends and more jealous husbands than tittilated ones.

    I work with this wanker at corporate (an aussie so I call him that I'm not trying to match your argot) who is always assuming every secretary or new gal in the office is having a play with every other one. He nudges me in the elevator, wink wink nod nod all the time. He's a normal guy in all other respects but I get sick of that particular part of his personality.

  4. Gotta disagree – skint is generic english slang, surely? But totally agree on the rest – council tax (what do they do with it all?) – petrol (arrrrrrrrgggghhhhh, who needs a car anyway?) – scratched paintwork (ouchies, thats really gotta hurt; my car is my baby and I recently noticed some mysterious dents and scrapes that had me moaning about insurance and bodyshops in my sleep). Why can't life be easy and people leave you alone? Sigh. If only.

  5. I just wanted to say I enjoyed the post. The observation about your husband is priceless and the language seems suitable 🙂

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