Tuesday musings

It's that time of the week again, time for Tuesday musings. So, here is what is delighting and disappointing in my world at 8.33am on a Tuesday morning.



  • The long bank holiday weekend is over. Done. Not to be repeated for another whole year. And I wasted 2 whole days of it participating in the extreme sport known as "Ultimate Hangover". Yes, thanks to downing my own bodyweight in alcohol twiceover the long weekend, Friday and yesterday were a complete write off. You'd think I'd learn wouldn't you? You'd be wrong.
  • I'd been back in work precisely 10 minutes when a group of North East agents managed to create a problem that I now have to deal with. I will breathe deeply and be a calm and serene individual, I will rise above it. I will not give in to my first instinct which is to ring round hte lot of them and tell them that it's their problem, they can deal with it and as between them they've got the IQ of a teaspoon I'll be interested to see the results. No, I will merely deal with it without comment. Pillocks.
  • I'm skint again. I may just put that as a permanent Tuesday thing as I am always skint.
  • I got up too early. My eyes don't work and I can only communicate in surly sounding grunts. Given that everythng appears to be going tits-up already I may just give up and go home, start again tomorrow.



  • Hmmmm. Tricky one. I'm not dead? Ooh no, I've got one, it's only a 4 day week this week.
  • My boss is out of the office so I can go out to my site early and then go straight home, meaning I get an early dart, hurrah!


So now I'm off to go and see if anyone has yet ventured to go and get milk. That way I can have some coffee and perhaps my powers of speech will return. Or perhaps  not, who knows? 

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