Entertaining photos.

I opened my emails this morning to find that one of my friends had sent me this:




Brilliant. I so hope this is real and not a mock up. My friend assures me that it is genuine. All I need to find now is one of Gordon Brown with the slogan "Lying Bastard" behind him and my little cup of joy will be full.

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5 Responses

  1. What is the letter she is blocking out though? Is it her that people hate, or is it that she is a woman? Or both?

  2. It's an err.. "h"… for… umm "Chuntering On About The Same Old Stuff 2008".(Possibly).

  3. I don't know about anyone else but I personally am not keen on her because there's something about her that doesn't ring true. I also don't like the fact that she uses her femininity as a weapon – when required to cry she cries, when she loses control she blames it on womanly emotion. As a woman working in a male dominated field I believe you should play fair and compete on an as even a level as possible. I don't think women in public roles who turn on the tears whenever it suits them do the rest of us any favours.
    Also I think she may be a liar!

  4. Vicola, oh no, not a liar… she simply (and I quote her here) "mis-spoke"! Hee!

  5. This damn near made husband spit his coffee out across the room. Haha! This is Awesome! I don't like her because she just seems like the same old politics. I just don't like the cut of her jib.

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