It's time for Tuesday's consideration of the good, the bad and the downright ugly.


  • It looks like I'm not going on the group holiday this year as the quote offered by Gary, the organiser is £350 for accomodation, £100 or so for flights. Add on spending money and all the stuff I'll have to buy because I'm thinner this year than I was last year and you're looking at about £800. Which is roughly £500 more than I've got. Such is life.
  • I went horse riding last night, I hadn't been for a while and now my legs are really stiff. Consequently I am walking like I have either been kicked in the arse by a rhino or have chronic piles. It is very definately not a good look.
  • Work is still annoying me because I am still on £8000 a year less than the north east advisor. This wouldn't annoy me if it wasn't for the fact that I know I am worth more to the company than him. I know this because not only am I doing my job but I'm also doing half of his as well. This would not be neccessary if he just grew a pair and stopped being such a spineless idiot.
  • I am averaging about 5 hours of sleep a night. This is because my other half steadfastly refuses to acknowledge that a mattress does not have the same lifespan as its owner and it means that you spend 3 hours shifting around trying to get comfortable. Every time you find a comfy spot you have to stay there until you fall asleep because if you move you are once again going to end up impaled on a spring. It's a delight, it really is and it is doing wonders for my sunny disposition.
  • My inlaws are coming to Manchester in a couple of weeks. Worse still, they are staying at my house. So I have several days of a full day at work, followed by the rigmarole that is my step-father-in-law on the drink, followed by some elaborate dinner (which will contain cheese because he refuses to acknowledge that I don't eat it) and which will be served at 10pm. I will then go and impale myself on the mattress springs and wait for the onset of indigestion at roughly 2am. Happy days.
  • The dog is due to have his jabs this month. Not only is this expensive but it's also embarrassing because the dog gets what you might call 'excited' at the vets. Last time we got shut in a room by ourselves while we waited because my dog's banshee shrieks were causing waiting room chaos.



  • Micah's uncle is a millionaire and owns a 5 star villa in Palma so we might be going there instead of on the group holiday. Best of all, it's 5 minutes walk from the sea and it is FREE!! Hurrah!
  • It's Tuesday, so there's only 3 and a bit more days till the weekend.
  • My little brother (I say little, he's 25 and 6ft 3) and his wife have found a house they like and are putting in an offer. London prices are truly ludicrous, it's about £200k for a shoebox under a tramp's blanket in the decent areas.
  • I'm getting to spend some time out of the office at the moment because I am in charge of the health and safety on a little site in a posh bit of Cheshire. This means I can go out there a few times a week to go and drink tea in the site cabin with the site lads and discuss such weighty and life-altering topics as 'Why is Amy Winehouse such a mess?' and 'Is Christiano Ronaldo worth £200 000 a week?'. Incidentally, I would say no, he isn't.
  • I got paid on Friday. This means that I will not be skint till at least next weekend.
  • If you google my actual name it no longer shows an entry in this diary that I put it on, not thinking about the fact that it would show up. This means that there is now a much lower chance of any of my in laws finding out what I've been thinking and the planet being rent in two by the resulting argument.


Well, those are my delights and despairs for this week. Who knows what next week may bring?

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2 Responses

  1. I find that a good impaling on the mattress springs always helps me see the brighter side of life!
    Yes hiding one's identity is the best thing – because then we can vent. Very theraputic!

  2. Ah the wonders of a lumpy-saggy mattress… glad to hear the blog identity probs resolved – and good luck with the in-laws, though I have a sneaky feeling you're more than a match for 'em :))

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