I am an idiot. Again.

For the better part of two years I have been covering the arse of a member of our team. I'll call him 'Bob' on the off chance that the IT department are monitoring my internet usage and pass it round. Anyway, Bob is not just completely fucking useless. He's beyond completely useless. He would make a completely useless person look like employee of the year. If you tell him something it doesn't even graze his cerebral cortex, it's in one ear and out the other before you've even finished your sentence. He avoids confrontation with a dedication seldom seen in humans and he'll outright lie to your face to get you to deal with a confrontation so that he doesn't have to. He comes over as a really insecure and scared sort of person who gets picked on a fair bit by the site agents in the North east who can be a right bunch of surly muppets. Shouting at Bob or informing him that the crappy job he's just phoned to ask you to deal with is his responsibility not yours is a lot like kicking a small puppy, it just feels mean so you don't do it.

And then suddenly it dawned on me. I am a complete fucking half wit and I've fallen for it hook line and sinker. This guy grew up on one of the roughest estates in Newcastle, he has been arrested for affray in the past and therefore he cannot possibly be as spineless as he makes out. If he was he'd have spent his entire childhood having his head flushed down the loo by bigger boys and by adulthood he'd have a twitch, a personality disorder and possibly a long-stay bed in a mental health institution. Therefore he must be pretending and why would he do that? Because for two years I've done the shit that he wanted to avoid doing so that he wouldn't get picked on by the site agents for not doing it, I've taken the blame for his fuck ups because I can stand up for myself and I thought he couldn't. I've done hours and hours of extra work myself rather than bother to try and explain it to him 48 times.

I am a complete and utter pillock. I've been suckered and I didn't even notice. Honestly, sometimes my own stupidity astounds me, truly it's a miracle I've managed to achieve adulthood without serious incident.

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5 Responses

  1. Good on ya for reckonizing it. The question is what course to take now.
    By the by I was curious who this wanker was so took a gander at your company. I have two suspects but I'll inquire off line.

  2. I think the course I'll take now is to stop covering his arse and watch while his sheer incompetence becomes clear for all to see. It shouldn't take long, he's already had a sound arse-kicking from my boss this morning and it's only Monday.
    I'll be interested to see who you reckon it is.

  3. Oh I really hopes he gets it where he deserves!! You're def not an idiot, you'll find he's prob made a professional career out of making a lot of people believe he's a spineless creep–and he is really, if you think about it, to let a girl take his flack, that's some kinda gutless!

  4. Go get 'em, tiger. The only good thing about this is that it happens only once to everybody. We're never fooled twice. These leeches are everywhere. Yuck

  5. Yes, time to stop playing his little woman! Let him sink or stand alone!

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