Thoughts for Tuesday

Tuesdays seem to come round very fast at the moment, the time is flying by and once again it's time to say what is good and what is bad in my world.

The Bad

  • Leona Lewis. In any form. The radio stations played her last song to death, every time you put the damn thing on it was playing on at least 4 stations, by the time it had been out for two weeks I had to change the station every time it came on because it was grating on my nerves that badly. They are doing the same with the current song. Don't get me wrong, the girl has a fine voice but her sickly sweert ballads are enough to send a diabetic into a coma and are more than enough to grind my gears on the 43 occasions per day that I hear it.
  • I am beyond skint. I haven't even dared look at what is left in my account because it's just going to scare me. There's 3 weeks till payday and I've got a birthday and a hen do in that time. At this rate I'm going to have to get a second job, not an appealing prospect.
  • My hospital appointment got put back to the middle of May. This is annoying not only because having gone through that godawful test I'd like to know what it showed but also because the damnable Crohn's Disease is kicking up at the moment and it's getting annoying.
  • I want to go back to bed but as I'm at work I can't.
  • I got a letter fron the Work and Pensions department giving me my estimated date of retirement. The year 2044. Dear god, how depressing is that?
  • It's only 9.30am and Bob is already being useless and asking me to do stuff that is his job not mine. And I feel really mean for saying no.


The Good

  • I'm going for dinner and drinks with friends this evening. Should be fun.
  • I've booked tomorrow off work. Once I've taken my folks to the airport I may well go back to bed for a while then lounge around all day in my pyjamas doing doodly squit. Lovely!!
  • We've booked our summer holiday, we're going to Vilamoura in Portugal for a week with a group of friends. The lads are going to go and play golf all day (because they are all VERY middle class) and me and Cass are going to lounge round the pool all day, reading trashy novels and not going brown because we're both so fair skinned.
  • When we go to Portugal we aren't flying from Heathrow Terminal 5 so there is every chance that our bags will arrive when we do.
  • I went riding last night and was on the most beautiful bay mare. She belongs to a dentist who doesn't bother with her at all so she's a bit lively but once we got over the speed issue we were fine! I was also introduced to Cash, a horse who needed 2 sedation shots to prevent him from savaging the vet who came to look at him and who once severed a man's finger. Needless to say i did not go and give him a mint, I'm quite attached to all of my fingers.
  • Oooh, a song I like has just come on the radio!  

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One Response

  1. Comments such as "We've booked our summer holiday, we're going to Vilamoura in Portugal " make me so jealous. Tyranny of distance!

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