Complete Disaster

It's all going horribly wrong this week. I am ill, all I want to do is either quietly die or sit on the sofa whining to myself, watching mind-numbing television and waiting to quietly die. Unfortunately this is not an option thanks to the Achilles auditor, who is the only man I've ever met with no trace at all of a sense of humour and who has announced he will be descending on the site I'm advisor to next Thursday. Having dragged myself out of bed this morning I've gone over to check the site and filed plan, only to find that the contract manager and his assistant have single handedly managed to destroy the order I had created. They've created wrongly numbered assessments, on the wrong forms and have not done half of what they should have done, things are missing, random things have been added, it's a complete sodding shambles. If this audit results in a mauling from the auditor it will be my arse that gets dragged into the boardroom and kicked by the directors. Added to this fuck-up of epic proportions is the fact that my colleague has just helpfully pointed out that the form for risk assessments has been recently updated – happy days, added to my workload is now the rewriting of 40 risk assessments by next Wednesday.

I haven't eaten in days, I'm freezing and all I want to do is sit under my desk and cry. Sadly I don't have time for such self indulgence.I am feeling very sorry for myself. My only consolation is that I'm probably infectious and have more than likely passed on whatever I've got to the Fridge Witch who kindly sneezed and coughed all over me at the beginning of the year. leaving me with a truly satanic cold. There's a silver lining to every cloud I suppose.

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3 Responses

  1. Argh, that sounds pretty terrible. I hope things improve!

  2. so sorry! Sounds horrid! You spread that infection, all over the office spaces of the people who messed stuff up, then when everything seems in order, call in sick for a week and disconnect your phone. You need some sleep and rest before this bad cold turns into pneumonia. (this happened to me a couple of years ago, pneumonia Sucks!)

  3. Drop some snot into their tea…works a treat :)) Hope things get better and you get better soon…. and the fridge witch gets her comeuppance!

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