Tuesday List. On Wednesday

Things I'm Hating this week:

  • The fact that I'm too knackered to think of an inspired title. Or anything else for that matter. If I get any more knackered I'm going to have to employ someone to stand behind me and remind me to breathe in and out on a regular basis because it'll completely slip my mind.
  • The auditor has arrived and unfortunatly my memory of him is accurate. He IS a soulless, earth-shatteringly dull little pillock with all the charisma of an antique asparagus and a freaky ability to suck the joy and humour from any given situation.
  • I'm stuck with Mr Charm for most of tomorrow because the pedantic little pissant is auditing my little site in Cheshire. I have to be with him for an entire morning by the end of which my site manager will be on the verge of a nervous breakdown and I will have lost the will to live. Can this week get any worse? I really shouldn't have just said that should I?
  • The cost of everything seems to be going up. Council tax, fuel, food, bills, all rocketing. It cost me £1.09 per litre to fill up my car yesterday. I was stood on the forecourt chuntering away to myself about 'Rip off Britain' like a Daily Mail Reader. This country is turning me into my grandfather. Tragic. The only thing that is not going up is my salary and this causing a few problems, i.e. I'm even skinter than usual.

Things I'm loving this week.

  • Erm….I'm not dead? There's not much to love this week. A combination of illness, skintness, the auditor and PMT has left in a homicidally bad mood. At least people are now beginning to get the message and avoid me so that's one less irritation at work. If I unplug the phone things might get even better.
  • Ooh, I've got one, we've booked our holiday, we're going on the golf holiday with a group of friends, yay!! Should be a laugh. The lads will go and play golf all day and Cass and I will sit by the pool going beige (we're both very fair skinned) and reading chick lit novels. Sounds like bliss.
  • There's only 2 and a bit more days till the weekend and this week is over. Counting the minutes……


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2 Responses

  1. Ah, don't people like Mr Charm drive you nuts? They just don't allow you to make the most of a situation or make things easier by entering into a little bit of humour and lightness or banter. I know I find such people incredibly difficult to deal with, so I really sympathise with you there.Bah. Here's to you getting through all of this stuff without having to resort to extreme tactics (homicidal, you say? Eek!), getting away for your holiday and reading all those books on chickens… or are they about chocolate?

  2. Ahhhh, chocolate. I think I may have to go and acquire some chocolate now that you mention it. Chocolate makes every day that little bit brighter.
    I made a joke about forging documents to Mr Charm earlier. He looked at me as though I'd just suggested he intereferes with small boys. It's going to be a long couple of days…..

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