Tuesday’s Thoughts

Once again Tuesday rolls around and it's time to let the world know what is good and bad in my universe:


The Bad

  • The price of fuel. Seriously, it's mental. It'd be cheaper to fill my car with molton gems than unleaded petrol. Still, according to the government we should all be grateful that it costs so fucking much to fill the car because we have contributed to the 48% profit increase recorded by BP this quarter and apparently this is a good thing. I tried (and failed) to work out how so I looked it up. Apparently it's something to do with big companies propping up the pensions industry. This pissed me off for 3 reasons: 1 – If Gordon Brown hadn't plundered the pensions industry we wouldn't be relying on the exceedingly fat cats of BP to prop us up, 2 – MPs have a massive non contributory pension and I'm willing to bet that they can put fuel on their expenses, this makes it a bloody cheek to expect me to grateful for massive fuel price hikes that are going to fund their gold plated retirement at 60, 3 – If we weren't being taxed until our pips squeak we might be able to afford to actually save some money for old age, making the contribution of oil giants unneccessary.
  • Another person has been attacked on the Manchester trams, this time for asking some youths to stop throwing popcorn at her face. Little scrotes.
  • The bosses have seen fit to install airconditioning into the rooms that house the servers for the building. However they did not see fit to install it in the offices so it looks like we're staring down the barrel of a 40 degree summer again. Perhaps I should point out them that having functioning computers is only any use if the staff using them are also functioning.

The Good

  • It's a bank holiday this weekend. If there's one thing I love it's a long weekend and a 4 day week.
  • I went riding last night and had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with 'Irish Distinction', an ex racehorse coming back into work from a tendon injury. He is absolutely gorgeous and because he's racehorse trained has a bizarre habit of bobbing straight into canter from walk if you pick up the reins. The only bad thing was that there had been a cock up on the bookings so I was in with 3 other people, one of whom spent most of the time sitting on his horse in the middle of the track, getting in the way and complaining about how knackering riding was. I do agree, riding is knackering but only is you actually encourage movement from the beast, otherwise you are essentially sitting on a tall, furry sofa is which is not even remotely tiring.
  • It's sunny and I've been paid. All is currently right with the world.

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2 Responses

  1. Yeah – long weekend for us too. Labor Day,

  2. [esto es genial]

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