Tuesday’s Thoughts

It's Tuesday time again….


Grinding my gears

  • Mr Useless at work is being useless again. This afternoon I have to request a whole raft of information again because foolishly I sent it to him (it being his job to deal with it) and he has ignored/ lost it all. The useless twat. If he was any more useless he'd spontaneously combust.
  • I'm skint. Nothing you there, you think. Well there is y'see because according to the news today it is the fault of the government since their stealth taxes and sneaky ways, brought in in the last ten years, have increased the tax burden 50%. Add to that the rising cost of utilities, council tax, food bills and insurance and it explains why I'm skint. It's official – I am not a wastrel.
  • It's really sunny outside. This would be a good thing if I were not stuck inside doing boring crap for work.
  • I've just fallen over a parcel in my office and now I look like a muppet.
  • I was given so many tablets at my consultation for the results of my scan that I've had to write the dosages on the back coz I can't remember them.

Revving my Engine

  • It is only 2 and a half hours till hometime.
  • I fly to Helsinki on Friday for my cousin's wedding which should be a right laugh.
  • It's less than a month till I go to Portugal for my holidays!!
  • I've moved my desk and now I can get the window in my office open so it's not nearly as hot as yesterday.
  • I've not seen anyone in bikini jeans, even though it's hot out!

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One Response

  1. Big relief on the bikini jean front! 😀

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