It’s ranting time again!!

I was going to write about the second bit of my holiday in Helsinki but stupidly I decided to have a look at the BBC news website first and there I found this. So I have been distracted by my need to rant.

Let's start with an irrefutable fact shall we? This country is royally fucked and everyone in the US and Europe is laughing at us. We are paying almost £6 a gallon (which is roughly 11 US dollars a gallon for anyone in the US), the pension fund has been plundered by Gordon Clown, the po-faced bastard in charge. There are tens of thousands of people who are just choosing not to bother working and are living on the state, the NHS is crumbling, people can't get a dentist for love nor money, the education system is shit,  many kids are leaving it without the basic ability to read and write. Our economy is a shambles, house prices are falling, food prices, taxes and bills are rising above the salary levels of more and more people. The streets are full of feral kids carrying and using knives. So, out of all these concerns for the British citizen, which do you think is the most pressing one our MPs?

Answer: None of the above. So if it's none of these, surely there must be something really dreadful going on that has caught their attention? Yes there is. The British public, who have up to now behaved like  tame cash cow crapping blank cheques into the outstretched hands of the arrogant tosspieces that run the country, have rebelled. They are now calling for transparency, for MPs expenses to be made public. While I'm sure the majority of MPs are honest and decent people (or those who aren't in the Labour party anyway), some MPs seem to be getting distinctly antsy about this idea. As well they might. Items paid for by the taxpayer that have been revealed recently include the installation of mock Tudor gabling to ex deputy Prime Minister John Prescott's enormous grace and favour home, Margeret Beckett's window cleaner, cleaners for a number of politicians and Gordon Brown's SKY susbscription. Tony Blair, in common with many senior ministers, was claiming expenses for a second home despite having a large grace and favour home in London. If this is the crap that has surfaced on the lake of politics so far, you can be certain that there are more shopping trolleys and old bicycles lurking in the waters that haven't yet been spotted. And our MPs want it to stay that way. This is why they are now trying to get in place a new system, a system that would avoid the need for transparency and an end to the public being able to see what they claim for.

The new system? A yearly payment of £23 000 per MP to cover the cost of running their second home. £23 000. I don't know how much your home costs to run but I can tell you that if mine cost £22k a year I would be right up shit street, or more to the point, homeless. I know for a fact that you can runa  home in London for less than £23 000 a year because my brother and his wife are doing just that. So at a time when Britain's economy is teetering on the edge of recession, the best thing our MPs can find to do is to ensure that the feathering of their own nests isn't interrupted by the proletariat demanding honesty. Makes you proud to be British doesn't it?

My contempt for these revolting vultures who have driven the country off a cliff and are now picking over the corpse knows no bounds.  

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8 Responses

  1. Well said!!! You have every right to rant – think what they're trying to do at the moment is utterly disgusting. How the hell can we talk about corruption and lack of transparency in other countries when we're so shit at it ourselves??! Bunch of self-interested pricks.
    Hope we get to hear about the holiday though…

  2. I will definately write up the holiday, I was just REALLY annoyed at the cheek of them. Every day we hear new examples of how they are all trying to get their snouts further into the trough. You'd think they'd be happy with their huge salary, perks, impressive expenses allowances and gold plated non contributory pensions wouldn't you? But no, nothing will ever be enough for this bunch of leeches. It wouldn't be so bad if they were doing a good job of running the country but they aren't.

  3. Don't worry about the US chuckling at you. We're too busy freaking out at our $4/gallon gas to worry about the UK. If gas was $11/gallon here, we would literally have revolution.

  4. [esto es genial]

  5. … but one has to wonder if the "other lot" would be any better (certainly, although you didn't list them, those in blue and yellow had as many incredulous expense claims). Sadly, the only route seems to be scepticism about any of the current crop of political figures be they of any hue or saturation. They'll all say or do anything that appeals to their own self-interest…Yours cynically…

  6. Hmm.. could have sworn you were talking about the U.S. there for a minute. Don't you just love the government?

  7. Unfortunately, I tend towards the opinion that we get the government we deserve on the whole. If most of the public were honest, had integrity, thought about others and the bigger picture, and weren't motivated so much by the material and the financial then perhaps we'd get leaders who'd match up to those characteristics too …… but then again, I'm becoming cynical again (with a soft, idealist caramel centre!). It's a shame but it's easy when the level of political debate that one hears day in day out is so shallow.Party politics. Sigh.

  8. You're probably right. Everyone seems to be out for what they can get from the system, I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that those at the top are doing the same thing.

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