Dimitri – Showing gentlemen of the world how to treat a lady.

I was sent a link by a friend to this: Dimitri the Stud 


Frightening, just frightening. He's either a very clever man with a cruelly ironic sense of humour who likes to mock predatory men or he is a grade A maniac who should be under close observation in an institution of some variety. I suspect it's the latter and I am 86% certain that he is a serial killer with bodies in his freezer. If this lunatic left a message like that on my answerphone I would throw the phone in the canal and move to a different city, just in case he ever tracked me down or appeared in the same bar as me again.


Further investigation on the charming Dimitri revealed his website.

I hope for the safety of the woman of the US that this guy is a joker and not for real, I really do.


p.s. I have been informed that the link crashed someone's machine, if that's the case the delightful Dimitri can also be found on YouTube here!

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5 Responses

  1. the link crashed my machine so if that's an indication…..

  2. I've stuck the YouTube link to him up. He clearly is a complete lunatic. Surely he should be incarcerated, not roaming free to leave dodgy messages on girl's phones. Creep.

  3. No no no- you girls have it wrong. ; ) Let me explain. He's Greek, see? You missed that part. Now there are plenty of nice, normal, humble, I'm-really-pleased-to be-your-date Greek men, for sure. But there is also another brand of Greek male, who have been told since birth, by their mothers, aunties, grannies and sisters that they are God's Gift to us women. Generally speaking, these men have mothers and fathers who are from small villages in Greece, are not educated, the mums do not work outside the home, and believe in a very patriarchal society. As case in point, a family just as I described once told a relative, when his daughter was born, "A girl, huh? Ah, well, at least she's not sick!" (The only thing worse than having a daughter is having to care for a sick one. She might not get married, you see and where would they be then?)
    So, you see, Dimitri is just responding to his REALITY- that he is a jewel, a gift, perfection. That by phoning Olga, he was honouring her. He sincerely believes that is the case. He believes she will be LUCKY if he marries her, plants kids in her, let's her live right next door to his mother and grandmother ( who will always take his side in everything) and then spend outrageous sums of money on jewellry for her, which she is supposed to wear all at once, to show everyone how lucky she is. In his mind, Olga won the Lotto the day he phoned her. It's what he's been told all his life and he accepts it wholly.
    From an additional perspective, one does have to wonder how he approached this girl, what he said to her and indeed, why she would give him her business card. A fake telephone number to get an aggressive bloke in a bar off one's back, I can understand. But a real phone number? Did she have this YouTube thing planned in advance?
    If you ask me, they might actually deserve each other. The funny thing is, this will not put a dent in his psyche. He will not learn anything from it, nor puzzle over it, nor grow in any way as a human being. No – he will honestly believe SHE has the problem by not phoinng back, and he will go on his merry way, assuming he's had a lucky escape. He'll even talk about it a bit with mum and grandma, who will both say, "You're right, of course. Smart boy, Dimitri, you're so clever!" And all will be right in his world again.
    Ahhhh. Thank you for allowing me to rant. I've been there and done that, As I'm sure you've figured out, not only did I let 'Dimitri' call me, I married him. My only excuse is that I was tweny-two. And not thinking with the right head. I'm saving this vid and sending it to every one of my friends in Greece.
    Have good weekend, Vicola.

  4. Thr thought that there is a whole nation of Dimitri's out there is truly terrifying!! I also wondered why she gave him the correct number because I refuse to believe that he's only an arsehole on the phone, I strongly suspect that he's a prat in the flesh as well. I blame the parents!! Actually I know someone who married a Greek man and she also mentioned the mother/ grandmother thing. She moved into their house and they did indeed always take his side, even when he was caught in bed with one of his cousins. Nice eh?

  5. In all fairness, I've met lots of nice, intelligent,mnormal Greek men (IliasK for example) I just think there is a segment of society who value men over women and believe their male progeny can do no wrong… In my lifetime I happened to find more than a few who were Greek and very much like Dimitri. Gosh- he's almost sociopathic.

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