Manchester Congestion Charge

I will be doing a full rant about this sometime in the near future but if anyone who reads this is from the Manchester area can I ask you to go the Manchester Congestion Charge Consultation page here and let them know that you think this scheme is the most appalling political whim since Bush and Blair's decision that Saddam Hussain was a naughty boy?

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  1. [esto es genial]

  2. Exactly. The congestion charge hasn't bloody worked in London so there is no earthly reason why it would work now. There currently isn't any congestion on the quarter mile stretch of road I will be charged for using so why should I pay a congestion charge to use it? And what really grinds my gears is that you can bet that MPs such Ivan 'I'm a useless twat' Lewis and Hazel 'Most Irritating Poison Dwarf in History' Blears will put any charge THEY get hit with on their sodding expenses so I end up paying my charge and a contribution towards theirs. It's just another way of screwing more cash out of the middle classes and everyone knows it.

  3. Don't know if you have seen this but have a good look at the maps being put out now. MRI is not being linked into the public transport system other than buses.
    We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to ensure patients/visitors of Manchester Royal Infirmary receive a full refund of the Manchester Congestion Charge!
    The Manchester congestion charge is nothing more than a Stealth Health TAX. The strategic planners of Greater Manchester Health Authority decided that Manchester Royal Infirmary should be turned into a SUPER Hospital. Great, now look where MRI is, the only Public transport to it is by BUS, if you are lucky enough to be on the routes. Other than that you have to get to the centre of Manchester by multiple forms of public transport and then catch the bus. The easiest way to get there is the vilified car. If the strategic planners had looked they could have built a brand new hospital above the M602 adjacent Hope Hospital, built a new rail station on the line below, extended the Metro link 500 yards, motorway access roads. In the event of a major incident, helipad on top with helicopters able to refuel at Barton Aerodrome. Simple No congestion in Manchester. No we have to have MRI, NO RAIL, NO METRO LINK, NO MOTORWAY LINK, just CONGESTION CHARGE !!!!!!!

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