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And so the search for alternative employment rumbles on.

The possible job that had come up has now been put back as the manager is going off on maternity leave in a month or so and they don’t think they can get someone up to speed before she goes, so that one won’t be an option until April or May of next year, by which time I will quite possibly have gone entirely insane with boredom.

My job wasn’t too bad for a while, while the usual advisor for this area was posted indefinately to a site down on the south coast. I got to look after sites, go trundling round the countryside for brews in site cabins and generally do interesting jobs. People spoke to me like I had more than 3 functioning brain cells and might actually have some knowledge about something. But he’s back now so it’s a return to being regarded as the girl who does the filing and spending all day scanning in training documents and faffing about on the internet because it’s more interesting than dealing with the mind-wreckingly tedious shit that I should be doing. I am also back to spending a lot of time answering stupid questions from Mr Useless, usually questions that I have answered  twice a week for the last 3 years and that the gormless halfwit still hasn’t managed to absorb. He’s rung 3 times so far this morning and it’s only 10am. If I have to explain to him one more time the system for applying for a trade card I’m going to get my arse up to Newcastle and tattoo it onto his damned forehead. What REALLY grinds my gears in a huge way is that this useless sack of shit earns several grand more than I do per year, despite the fact that he is less use to a civil engineering company than a truckful of rubber chickens.

So I am once again entering the soul-destroying process of job hunting. There’s nothing confirms your utter worthlessness like a good bout of seeking employment.  In the year I have had precisely 1 interview, which I thought went well but evidently didn’t as I didn’t get the job. I’ve filled in about 6 forms for support jobs for the police, which includes having to write a fucking essay demonstrating ‘how you have respect for diversity’, all of which have come to nothing because, as I found out the other day from a policewoman that I know, all the sodding jobs are recruited internally. They only advertise because the law says they have to. Marvellous, those are hours of my life I spent writing about respect for bastarding diversity that I will never get back. I mean how much can you really say? “I’m not a racist and I don’t give a toss if my colleagues like to sleep with members of their own sex”? Why does it require a full essay? So bollocks to the police, I am turning my attention elsewhere. I’m looking at ‘executive assistant’ jobs in the NHS. With any luck I too can become a public servant, get a cracking pension at 60, all public holidays and several strike days a year and it can’t possibly be any less successful than my attempts to join the police support staff. Fingers crossed people, fingers crossed!

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  1. We were in Altrincham for a wedding a few months ago. I think I saw you in the pub there. You were the woman skolling pints and mumbling, "They're all a pack of bastards!" in between skolls. Yes, I'm sure it was you.Our daughter works in the NHS in Scotland. She skolls pints and says they're all a pack of bastards there too. Sorry…

  2. Ah yes, that was me. Thing is that I work with a pack of bastards now so even if I change jobs to somewhere populated by arseholes I won't actually notice because I'm used to it. Some of the people at my current job are nice, however some of them really aren't.

  3. Is there any hope that the usual advisor for the area will be posted again somewhere else or is it not worth hanging around to find out? Good luck with the job hunting – hope something bth interesting and stimulating turns up for you.

  4. Sadly there isn't. Some jobs are kicking off round here so he'll be dealing with those and in the meatime all plans to sack Mr Useless have been shelved. I've now applied for 3 jobs so maybe something will come up. On the NHS ones having a 'long term illness' meant you could tick the disabled box so I did, it always helps if you can manage to hit at least one of their 'diversity' targets!

  5. here is a thought, while you are waiting. Whiel you are looking for another post, there are a few sites online that actually pay you to write for them. Not much mind, but a lot more than you get at Harlots Sauce, which so far has only been a very hearty dose of appreciation. They are short easy things which you can whip out while you are at work , even on your lunch hour. It builds your platform as a writer and gets you a few extra cheques, while at the same time, restores your confidence in yourself that you are worth something besides being a shil for that idiot (whom I've come to detest as much as you do)
    Think about it and if you like, I'll give you a list of some of the sites I occasionally write for.

  6. If you could send me a list that would be brilliant! Thanks. Writing stuff sounds much more interesting than spending my afternoons bickering with idiots from the north east and takingt he minutes at boring management meetings!

  7. I haven't forgotten about this, by the way. One of sites I came up with that I know you would enjoy writing for is This one does not pay, unfortunately, but it is high profile and good practice.I wrote a satirical piece for them called "How to Increase Your Four-Year-Old's Attention Span, " that I'm reprinting for our mag this month. Go see what you think of their site. It's hilarious and your writing would fit right in there.
    I'll keep thinking and send you updates on sites (that pay) as my brain recalls them. Takes a while for that these days…..

  8. Thanks Patricia! That's brilliant. I'll have a scout round their site on my lunch break. Things are rather quiet at work since I got relegated back to 'office dogsbody' so I'm needing ways to fill my time.

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