Spider forces family out of home

Camel spider

A camel spider attacking a scorpion in the desert

A soldier's family have been frightened out of their home by a spider thought to have been brought to Essex from Afghanistan in a kitbag.

Lorraine Griffiths and her three children have moved out of their house in Colchester, the RSPCA said.

They are refusing to return until the large sandy-coloured creature, thought to be a camel spider, is captured.

An RSPCA spokeswoman confirmed they had visited the house but failed to locate the creature.

"If it is the spider they believe it is, then normally they don't attack humans, but they could give a painful bite," the spokeswoman said.

Mrs Griffiths believes the spider got to the UK in a kitbag brought home in June by her husband, Rodney, 32, when he returned from Afghanistan.

He is now back there on a further tour of duty.

She said the spider was seen in her bedroom by her two elder children, aged 18 and 16, and an electrician working at their home.

"They identified the spider using the internet," she said.


Seriously, I wouldn't just leave the house, I'd leave the county. And I wouldn't be going back either. What if the bloody thing laid eggs somewhere and one day you woke up to find 48 000 little camel spiders swarming round the house? It actually makes my skin crawl. I now have spider-ick, you know, the one where you get all paranoid about spiders being in the corner and you shoot a foot in the air if a hair brushes against hte back of your neck……

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7 Responses

  1. OMG! Burn the house!

  2. Burn the house! I hadn't thought of that one. That should deal with the nast little critter and no mistake!

  3. Haha! Hopefully it is not smart enough to go next door!

  4. Well, there goes my dream of ever having you out to my place. We're butt up against nature out here and a camel spider is the least of my visitors. Just a few weeks ago, I opened the cupboard in the master bath and there was a scorpion in there, tail up, ready to strike. I am not joking.

  5. Jesus. I'd be in therapy after that although I suspect I might be better with scorpions than spiders. I have no problem with wasps, bees, craneflies, mice, rats, other small furries or flies. It's just spiders. I cannot stand them!

  6. My sister was like that. I have a thing about mice and then there were these flying cockroaches when I lived in Greece..(Shudder) All right- why are we talking about this?

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