Goodbye Connie.

I would like to say a fond farewell to my great-aunt Constance Devonshire who died yesterday afternoon. She was an entertaining and forthright woman who was never afraid to tell someone if they were getting on her nerves. Usually rather loudly because someone lost her hearing aid years ago and she never got another one. She was the lady who gifted me with the invaluable piece of advice that "Women who work should NEVER do their own cleaning". Wise words I'm sure you'll agree.


So it's goodbye to a compassionate and funny lady who even had the grace to be amused when she was summoned to the front of the group on my wedding photos by the photographer with the bellowed command "WHEELCHAIR….FRONT!". May she have gone on to a better place where the sun is shining and the gin & tonic is flowing.

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6 Responses

  1. She sounds quite a woman and I'm sure there were many wise words! I doubt they "make" many like her now. RIP Connie.

  2. What a lovely tribute to her. I love her advise!

  3. she sounds almost exactly like my great-aunt – a wonderful lady indeedyou have been lucky to know her:)

  4. Connie was my kind of gal. She's up there with my grandmother Grace, who had four husbands and buried every one of them. They are drinking gin and tonics together, my dear. (I hope you and I do, too someday, though hopefully on a more corperal plane)

  5. That would be great, one day, when we're both world famous authors noted throughout the globe for our searing wit and insight we will raise a G&T together to Connie and Grace!

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