Little Lunatic.

Whilst trawling news sites in an attempt to avoid tackling my brain-destroyingly dull intray, I discovered this story of how a 7 year old in the Northern Territory of Australia climbed into a zoo, evaded the security devices and went on a killing spree that included stoning some reptiles to death and feeding others to a saltwater crocodile. Jesus wept, 7 years old and he's already a psychopathic lunatic. Doesn't bode well for his teenage years does it? Am I alone in thinking it's a shame that the crocodile didn't decide the reptile was only a starter and the main course was the little sod delivering it?

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4 Responses

  1. [esto es genial]

  2. I suspect that had I embarrassed my parents in this manner, my future would have irrelevant because my mother would have killed me herself.

  3. How terrible! I wonder what his parents were doing…. wouldn't you want to know where your 7 year old was? The Northern Territory (esp. Alice Springs) has many problems…..

  4. Gee whiz and I thought the teenagers throwing rocks at the tiger was bad. When the hell are these zoos going to get a clue and up security?

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