My nice new bathroom, hurrah!

Yay! After months of skirting round the tiles stacked up in the hallway to get to the stairs I've finally got round to getting someone to stick them to the wall. And how much nicer do they look in nice, neat, white rows than in boxes along the hallway? Lovely. Gone are the mock marble monstrosities that were there before with mock art-deco border, tiles which had more than a hint of 70s porn flick or middle aged bachelor pad about them. No longer does the bathroom scream "No woman ventures here" and "This room only contains man showergel and some toenail clippings", no, now the room says "In the bathroom cabinets you will find hugely overpriced designer bath stuff" and "For god's sakes don't use the shampoo in here when you run out of shower gel because you can only buy it in salons and she'll kill you". Oh yes, now I like my bathroom. Even though my red towels no longer match and I'm going to have to buy new ones. I'm very much looking forward to having a bath in it.

Tomorrow is my great uncle's funeral and I'm more than certain we are going to be treated to the unedifying spectacle of my aunt and her cousin vying for the coveted position of 'top mourner'. That's going to be fun. Who can act the most bereaved whilst simultaneously telling the assembled crowds how much they did for the old chap and how much the nursing home staff thought of them? I wouldn't be suprised to find them both piddling on the coffin in a bizarre scent-marking exercise. Why do people do that at funerals? Who gives a shit who did the most for someone, you're not supposed to do it for public recognition, you're supposed to do it because you want to help the other person. I tell you, my family can be truly nuts sometimes.

p.s. Brennig, can you tell me where your blog has moved to? The usual address just says 'error'.

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  1. oooh – shinysorry to hear about your great uncle, Vicolai know all about the 'top mourner' thingprovides some black humour? – i don't know about your family, but mine tends to crack up laughing at the most inappropriate timeslike funerals – even ones involving our own family – (as well as in the middle of any given church service)

  2. Nice bathroom!
    Hope the funeral goes okay. 😦

  3. Yay it's lovely! :)Well worth the effort I reckon 😉

  4. That looks fabulous – makes such a difference doesn't it?
    Sorry to hear about your great uncle. Hope the funeral is ok and that your family behaves.

  5. How come you're not in any of the pictures?

  6. I know exactly what you mean. Families do the oddest things at funerals.

  7. Cheers! I hate funerals but I hate crematoriums even more.

  8. Thanks! You should have seen it before, it was bloody hideous, all mock marble tiles and manly detail. Not nice at all.

  9. My family never behave, they are notorious for it.

  10. Coz I took them! There was only me in the house so I thought I'd take some snaps of my new bathroom. It was bloody awful before and it's lovely now, I'm most impressed with it.

  11. Nice new bathroom, eh. But will you be able to afford any hot water for it?

  12. I love the tiling. It is really nice!

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