Happy Christmas

I'm currently in the highlands at the in laws but am sending all the lovely people on Vox the very best for christmas, hope you all have a fabulous christmas, the turkey is delicious and no one misbehaves! Remember some simple rules:
1) If your uncle behaves inappropriately ignore him. Karma will get him in the end.
2) For god's sakes don't give the dog left over sprouts. You'll regret it for the rest of the night and quite possibly boxing day too.
3) A reindeer jumper in day-glo orange IS a good present. It is. Somewhere in the world it will be fashionable, you just have to find that place.
4) Too much port really hurts in the morning. It might seem like a good idea at the time but believe me, it's not.

Have a brilliant day, all of you, and I'll be catching up with everyone's news on here when I get home on the 27th.


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6 Responses

  1. Happy Christmas – hope you have a great day. Will be following your advice to the letter! x

  2. [esto es genial]

  3. Merry Christmas! LOL @ sprouts and dogs!

  4. Anywhere near Inverness? My daughter's there. Have a lovely Christmas, Vicola.

  5. I am indeed currently in Inverness, just by the Kessock Bridge. I think
    that's what it's called anyway, the big white bridge. It's a lovely
    town and a gorgeous part of the world but by the gods it does get cold

  6. You are absolutely right about dogs and sprouts; or indeed most other vegetables. Dogs are natural carnivores and if they are to be given left-overs it should only be the carcasses of aging relatives who failed to survive the Chistmas pudding or unruly children who did not know when to shut up when Doctor Who came on.
    Otherwise keep a bucket of disinfectant handy. You may also need this for any wretched vegetarians in the spare bedrooms.

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