Loch Ness

While in the Highlands we went up to Loch Ness and I took some piccies….

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  1. Your pics are beautiful!

  2. Lovely pics of the loch, Vic, but disappointed you did not snap the mother-in-law arising from the depths.

  3. Lovely shots, Vicola. I must say, when I was there, I thought it was a bit grim compared to the other lochs. Might have had something to do with the fact it was pishing doon at the time.

  4. I did try but apparently witches cannot be caught on camera in the same way that vampires cannot be seen in mirrors. So all I got was the actual loch. And she told me off for referring to it as a lake. "It is not a lake Vicola, it is a loch, you are in Scotland you know". I had noticed thanks.

  5. I think it is usually pishing it doon there, it has been every other time I've visited. This time it wasn't raining but it was minus 4 so a little bit nippy.

  6. apparently witches cannot be caught on camera in the same way that vampires cannot be seen in mirrors
    Sorry, honey, this is a myth. I know because I've got more than enough photos of my ex-mother-in-law. And I'm dead certain she wore a wig and had no toes. (If you've read Roald Dahl's The Witches)

  7. What is it with mothers in law? Why are they a nightmare? Mine is perfectly nice until someone does something that isn't exactly what she wants at which points she starts acting like something out of The Exorcist, invariably ending with the phrase "breaking my heart" and often roping her vile daughter in to gang up on the unfortunate recipient for good measure. Her daughter is never the recipient because a) apparently she can do no wrong (despite being the biggest cow I've ever met) and b) she ALWAYS does exactly what mummy wants. Do you think if I gave her a copy of your book she'd get the message?

  8. I like the idea of hinting but in personal experieences a hint is usually never enough. Perhaps a copy of the book, with "I don't much care for you, that cow of a daughter or your bleeding heart ways. Love and cuddles, Vicola xx" written in black permanent marker on every page? I thought about it once when I was in a similar situation, only the cow of a daughter was my ex wife, and obviously I wouldn't have signed it off as Vicola!Keep smilimg though. Your "Lake in Scotland at -4" pics are gorgeous 😉

  9. Cheers! I was quite impressed with my scenic pics, considering that most of my photos are of drunken friends and all blurry.
    I did think about getting the cow of a sister-in-law a six month subscription to Match.com for christmas, as a not so subtle hint that even in a major city she's got no chance of scoring.

  10. Do you think if I gave her a copy of your book she'd get the message?
    Gawd, no! Don't get me involved with that woman! What if she starts writing to me, asking for advice, wanting to cozy up, talk about her 'mad' sister-in-law?
    (Joking, of course)
    I have to admit, it would be interesting to see how she interprets that. It won't be at all the way we'd expect, or hope, I wager. People can be so asture about other people's mistakes, but amazingly blind when it comes to their own…..

  11. Perhaps a sex toy would be best. (Sorry, but it had to be said. It's the obvious solution, really) ; )

  12. Ha! That's genius. The woman is 36 and nearly had heart failure when I used the word 'shagging' in front of her, can you imagine her expression if I bought her a giant vibrator and some edible knickers? Priceless.

  13. See? I knew it! Sexual dysfuntion is always at the bottom of these behaviours. I'd bet that was George Bush's problem, too.

  14. Ewwwwwww, George Bush on the job…that is a mental image I really didn't need….

  15. Here's a better one, then. Let's introduce him to your sister-in-law.

  16. Dear god, the combined genetics of George Bush and the sister in law…it could well bring about armageddon and the arrival of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse.

  17. Could be worse, I suppose. There's always Clinton… "Oh this is one fine day to be nude…."I'm presuming your sister in hell is not your best friend. Perhaps you could try and sell her for a camel and some goats. They'd be much easier to cope with.

  18. They are also far less likely to kick or bite anyone.

  19. We must have been fortunate indeed. The day we took our cruise on Loch Ness the weather was fine and sunny, and Loch Ness was absolutely beautiful. Maybe bad weather just follows your m-in-law around.

  20. oh beautiful! – we're going to Scotland in April – i really want to visit Loch Nessp.s. it's not my mother-in-law who's the problem – she's pretty nice and has way too many open-mouth-insert foot moments to be scary (at my brother-in-law's wedding, she asked one of the bridesmaids when she was due – you can figure the rest out) – it's MY mother that's the problem – there has to be one mother-in-law to fit "the criteria", doesn't there

  21. Ha! Certainly does. My mother has her moments but is way out-MILed by his mother.
    You should definately go to Loch Ness, it's gorgeous, if you can get there at sunset time it's even lovelier. And I recommend going for a drink in the Dawes Inn on the banks of the Loch. It's all just been completely redone inside and is really nice.

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