2009 so far….

The new year is a mere 8 days old and already it is looking like being filled with as many ups and downs as the last one, most of htem utterly trivial. Let's have a little look at a few shall we?



  • My new Canon 1000D, a digital SLR, is proving to be a marvellous investment. Or, more accurately, a marvellous use of more money than I intended to spend on a gadget that I wanted rather than needed (but I'm trying not to think about the amount of my meagre savings that I just blew). I haven't actually taken it anywhere great yet but I've got some marvellous shots of the dog bouncing around and shouting and a truly fantastic close up of my brother pulling a face that involved putting his fingers up his nose and stretching his face so he looked a bit like a pig. Who could ask for more? I'm going to take it to the park at the weekend to see if everything is still frozen up so I can practice scenic shots.


  • My little brother has has got himself a fancy-pants new job with a big, fat salary and the 'manager' in the title. This, coupled with his flat in the 'Didsbury of the South' has made him quite the poster boy in the family. He knows what I'm talking about don't you M? And yes, she is telling EVERYONE! Hee heee……My brother is doubtless calling me an utter twat as he reads this.


  • Last year the Department for Work and Pensions sent me a letter telling me that the projected date for my retirement was 16th September 2045. As we are now in 2009 that makes my retirement only 36 years away. While that figure still makes me want to put two biros up my nose and bang my head on the desk it is an improvement on my retirement being technically 37 years away. Not vastly, granted, but every little helps.



  • I'm back at work but my body is still stuck in holiday time. This means it thinks I should be going to sleep at 1am and waking up at 11am. This means that I now get to sleep at 1am and have to get up at 6.30am. It is not improving my mood any and I am quite possibly clinically braindead as well. I've just spent ten minutes staring at the computer screen like a slack-jawed inbreed, trying to catch the thought that was floating round the edges of my mind, only snapping out of it when a truck driver from the garage across the road sounded it's horn, making me jump a foot in the air and knock my glass of orange juice over. It's going to be a long day.


  • It's January, I have no money and the dog is broken. He was fiddling with his paw last night so I went to have a look and it's twice the size of the other three with a gruesome looking pink swelling between his toes. It looks a bit like an alien paw. So after work it's a trip to the vets for me and Geoffrey, which will no doubt set me back a small fortune. Luckily the dog is insured so once I've paid the £75 excess the insurers will pick up the rest of the tab, if it comes to more than that. I attempted to stop the dog fiddling with the injured paw by putting a sock on it and tying ribbon round to keep it on. First he adopted a hugely exaggerated comedy limp, as though I'd amputated his entire leg. This was performed with the obligatory 'I am beaten regularly' expression, which was always a long shot as I live with him and I know perfectly well that he is never beaten at all. When he realised this wasn't going to work he resorted to sulking while sneakily eying me up when he thought I wasn't watching to see if I had noticed the sulk. When this didn't result in me removing the sock he buggered off upstairs. When I went to find out what he was doing I discovered that he'd pulled the sock off, dumped it in the middle of the floor and was now sitting next to it, grinning triumphantly. The big fool. He won't be grinning so much when he comes home from the vet with one of those lampshade thingies on his head to stop him licking the wound.


All this action in a mere 8 days, who knows what could happen in the rest of the year?

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6 Responses

  1. [esto es genial]

  2. It promises to be an exciting year, indeed.

  3. I'm jealous of your camera – and looking forward to your shots. Wonderful imagery of your poor dog in the sock and ribbon. I hope that his surgery went well ….

  4. Your dog sounds to be as sneaky a little bugger as mine was. Their craftiness knows no bounds. It's sometimes difficult remembering who's actually the boss. That's a great camera you've got there. If it's anything like my Pentax, the instruction manual is about 100 pages long and you need a Phd in photography to understand it. Fortunately mine has an idiot button, you just point and press and it does the biz for you. It even eliminates camera-shake.
    I was nervous about downloading to the computer, but, fortunately, the computer wasn't and did it all for me. There are times when I don't mind being led by the nose…
    As regards the rest of the year, who knows, but I bet there'll be plenty of people trying to screw it up for you. I may be paranoid, but it doesn't mean they're not out to get me.

  5. It did indeed. He was as miserable as anything on the Friday night but is now getting by very nicely on 3 legs as he's refusing to put the bandaged one down at all.

  6. Inevitebly there will be many people pissing on my year, it's always the case. The mere fact that I didn't win 20 odd million on the Euromillions and therefore haven't been able to retire yet has narked me off already.
    The instruction manual is indeed mighty complicated. Canon run seminars to teach you how to use it properly and I was going to go on one of those but now, since I've had to hand over this month's salary to the vet I can't afford it. The bloody vet can but I can't. Vets really are very very expensive.

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