Poor Hound!

My poor hound has gone in today for surgery on his foot to find out what is in it and flush out the infection. So today I will be mainly keeping my fingers crossed that the vet doesn't kill the dog.

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5 Responses

  1. Hope he's ok.

  2. I'll cross mine too. It's bloody expensive to kill a dog. When the vet came to put mine down when she could no longer get up after nearly 17 years, they charged me sixty-four quid and that was seven years ago. I was shaking so much, I could barely write the cheque, and I couldn't see what I was writing for tears.
    Then I went out and got decently shit-faced. I've never taken the piss out of anyone getting anxious about their pets since.

  3. Me and my dad went with our old family dog when he had to be put down due to cancer. The pair of us snivelled all the way home and also got shitfaced. All in all the cancer, related tests and humane destruction cost about 600 quid. Nice. So far the consult, op and bandage change has come to £230 quid and he's due back there on Saturday. Am beginning to run seriously low on moolah….

  4. I was thinking of taking in washing and ironing, but that's only because I'm too old for prostitution.
    Incidentally, I frequently have great difficulty getting on to this site. Is it just me?
    What happened to the Loch Ness blog?

  5. I sometimes have difficulty getting onto here from home because my internet connection isn't as fast there and it takes an eternity to load then crashes my machine.
    I had to take down a couple of posts about the in-laws because the other half wanted to have a look at my blog. For the sake of peace and harmony I figured it was better if he didn't read what I wrote about his sister and his mother.
    And you're never too old for prostitution, just look at that one that Wayne Rooney paid for, she must have been in her 60s at least, with a face like a bucket of smashed crabs. If people will pay for a roll in the gutter with her then there's hope for us all!

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