Las Vegas

I think I might have gone and done something a bit stupid. For a change.

In the pub after unpteen vodkas, 2 glasses of wine and a jagermeister, agreeing to go to Las Vegas for a fortnight with my friend and the lads seemed a really good idea. With the alcohol merrily swirling through my veins it seemed that spending upwards of £750 plus spending money plus money for clothes to visit a place I'd never actually wanted to visit for a whole 14 nights was not such a silly plan, in fact it could only lead to good things.

Having sat and thought about the facts I have realised that:

1) I am not interested in gambling in the slightest. Not even a little bit.

2) Due to the cost of the actual holiday I won't be able to afford to do any tours or shows because they are all over a hundred quid.

3) I have no idea whether Vegas is one of those cities where you can wander all over the place or whether it's a city that you are likely to get mugged in if you step off the main street.

4) Being someone who is fond of both their own space and space around her, perhaps volunteering for a holiday to be spent constantly surrounded by other people in the middle of a city wasn't sensible.

5) The lads will be be playing golf every other day and my friend is happy to sit by a pool for a fortnight so what am I going to do to mause myself during the day for a fortnight on a very limited budget?

6) Someone sent me a link to a list of venomous spiders in the Vegas area. Stupidly I did some further research. Bad idea.


If anyone has been to Vegas, advice would be welcome and if anyone can think of a decent way of getting myself out of this it would also be gratefully received.

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8 Responses

  1. Any chance of a trip to the Grand Canyon? At least it should get you away from alcohol for a day or two, and that can only be a good thing

  2. Trouble is that all the trips to the Grand Canyon cost a fortune and I'm going to be on rather a limited budget when I arrive due to the cost. I'm someone who likes a bit of green space and peace and I suspect that I'm not going to find that in Vegas, I can start to feel a bit hemmed in and grouchy in busy places for too long. However my friend is going to be seriosuly pissed off if I tell her I'm not going. But do I want to spend over a grand keeping someone else happy? Dilemma. If only I'd had the good sense to say I'd think about it instead of agreeing in the first place.

  3. The perils of alcohol. If it comes down to a choice between making yourself happy, or your friend happy, it's no contest, is it. Fourteen days in Vegas on a limited budget sounds positively horrendous. Maybe an "unexpected expense" may be more convincing, and closer to the truth, anyway. That dog of yours couldn't fake a relapse, I suppose?

  4. I did have a brainwave while eating my salad just a moment ago. I'm currently doing a diploma and my exam is a couple of days before we go. The dates are non negotiable because the lads have already booked those exact dates off work. Claim the exam is 2 weeks after the actual date and I'll be unable to go. To be honest the alcohol is another thing, going away with the lads means 2 weeks of hard drinking every night, which is a bit beyond my limits. I went for nine days last year and by the time I got home I was quite happy to avoid the drink for a while, I'd had enough.

  5. Perhaps you could rent a car and go to Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon – it would be a long day trip but probably cheaper than a tour. I went to Vegas for 4 days and honestly that was enough. I put a few coins in a poker machine one day and that was gambling done (and I mean very few coins!). I felt totally safe on the streets day and night and there is quite a lot to look at in the hotels – though not to fill up 14 days!! The shows "off" the strip can be slightly cheaper (we went to one that was not in a grand hotel). There isn't a whole lot outside of the "strip" …..Alcohol and food is very cheap – all subsidised by the gambling; but frankly I don't know anyone who has had more than a long w/end in Vegas! (sorry). Is there any way you can lessen the time?? Or throw in another city during the 14 days?

  6. You should get a good exchange rate on the GBP for the USD – USD sucks right now. Maybe you could look at alternate vacation packages….which can include shows and tours!

  7. What about faking your own death? That might work. Then you could spook everyone out by blogging from beyond the grave. Do you think they have broadband in whatever awaits us after life? I bet it's fast, and actually unlimited as opposed to unlimited with a limit.
    Failing that, the idea of the exam date is a great one, just make sure you prime Mr Vicola and anyone else that needs to know that the date has been changed. It'll get people off your back hassling you as to whether you have done ok or not.
    Or you could go down the "Sorry, credit crunch, just checked over the finances, Christmas was an expensive one this year, I'll be paying it for (insert correct amount of) months, I was pissed when I agreed to it and sober it seems like a bad plan, I'm saving for a special birthday this year, we want to decorate the house and this would eat into that budget plus my food and petrol for the next year, etc etc" lines. Vegas, I've heard, isn't that special. If you don't like heat it's unbearable to walk down the strip even at midnight. Plus, CSI originated there and there's lots of horrible murders and stuff.

  8. Are you still going to Vegas? If so, drop me an email. I have lots of advice!

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