Does anyone out there speak Dutch? If so could you possibly translate this:

Vier bommenwerpers neergeschoten

Op 28 april, om 8.22 uur, rapporteerde een Bristol Blenheim van Coastel Command van de RAF dat een konvooi Duitse schepen, bestaande uit twee torpedobootjagers en acht vrachtschepen, op 17 kilometer zuidwestelijk van Texel in zuidelijke richting voer. Besloten werd om het konvooi aan te vallen met vier Blenheims van het 59e Squadron. Zij werden geëscorteerd door drie Blenheims van het 235e Squadron. Omstreeks 10.18 uur stegen de Blenheims van het 59e Squadron op vanaf Thorney Island en vielen om 12.12 uur het konvooi aan wat op dat moment de Berghaven van Hoek van Holland binnenvoer. Ter bescherming bleven de escorteerde Blenheims net onder het wolkendek rondcirkelen.

Alhoewel een torpedobootjager werd getroffen, eindigde de aanval voor de Britten in een drama. De vier aanvallende bommenwerpers werden kort na elkaar door flakgeschut neergehaald en stortten nabij de monding van de Nieuwe Waterweg in de Noordzee. Slechts twee vliegers overleefden de aanval en die werden door de Duitsers krijgsgevangen gemaakt.

Eén van de Blenheims die werd neergehaald was de V6097. De drie bemanningsleden van de bommenwerper kwamen daarbij om het leven. De piloot, luitenant Herbert Badland, spoelde op 13 juni aan op het strand van Rockanje en werd aldaar gegraven. Sergeant Albert Hazell staat te boek als vermist. Sergeant Henderson spoelde op 8 augustus aan op het strand van het eiland Rozenburg. De sergeant werd twee dagen later ter aarde besteld op de Algemene Begraafplaats te Hoek van Holland.

Ook de drie bemanningsleden van de Blenheim V5520 die bij de aanval verloren ging, liggen in Hoek van Holland begraven: luitenant Sydney Collier, sergeant John Mingham en sergeant William Powell.

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  1. The first sentence is "
    "Celebrate bombers shot down"

  2. On , 8.22, a bristol Blenheim of Coastel Command of the RAF reported to 28 April that German ship a convoy, existing from two destroyers and considers cargo liners, on 17 kilometres southwest of Texel in Southern direction fodder. Private became the convoy attack with four Blenheims of 59e Squadron. They were escorted by three Blenheims of 235e Squadron. Around 10.18 lanes the Blenheims of 59e Squadron as from Thorney Island and were notable at 12.12 the convoy to what that moment the mount port of angle of the Netherlands entered. For protection remained escorted Blenheims exactly under the cloud wolkendek to circle around.
    Although a destroyer was found, finished the attack for at in a drama. The four attacking bombers shortly after each other flakgeschut were brought down and paid close the monding of the new Waterweg in the North sea. Only two aviators survived the attack and those were made by the Duitsers krijgsgevangen.
    One of the Blenheims which became were brought down V6097. The three crew members of the bomber came thereby for living. The pilot, lieutenant Herbert bath country, washed ashore on 13 June on the range of Rockanje and there was dug. Sergeant Albert Hazell stands book as vermist. Sergeant Henderson washed ashore on 8 augusts on the range of the island Rozenburg. The sergeant was later ordered two days for the ground on the general cemetery at angle of the Netherlands.
    Also the three crew members of the Blenheim V5520 that at the attack lost went, lie bury in angle of the Netherlands: lieutenant Sydney Collier, sergeant John Mingham and sergeant William Powell.
    Not sure how accurate….

  3. You can do translations here on Google, Vicola

  4. Wow, i didnt know you spoke dutch, jm!

  5. I get…Four bombers destroyedOn April 28, at 20.22, RAF Coastal Command reported that a convoy of German ships was attacked by a Bristol Blenheim.The German convoy, included two MTBs and eight cargo vessels, was sighted 17 miles southwest of Texel on a southerly heading.59 Sqn attacked the convoy though they were supported by elements of 235 Sqn. The 59 Sqn Blenheims took off from RAF Thorney Island at 10.18 and attacked the convoy at 12.12 near Hoek van Holland.I don't think it's just about translating like-for-like, you have to put it in to both the language of that time and the mil-speak. But you'll get the gist from the first translation.

  6. Thatnks JM! That's brilliant. The reason I ask is because I found that article by accident and the Jack Mingham mentioned as being shot down in the last paragraph was my grandmother's first husband. All we knew is that he'd been shot down over Hook of Holland, we never knew what he was actually doing there and now we do!

  7. Cheers Snowy, Sadly Dutch is not one of my many and varied skills!

  8. Sadly my knowledge of military speak is only fractionally better than my knowledge of Dutch! We're trying to find out about Jack Mingham y'see.

  9. You don't have to be proficient in the language, Vicola. Just copy and paste it into the appropriate box at the link, and English comes out the other end.

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