It's all over the news, people are being interviewed, it's a national crisis. Slimy Ken Livingstone is blaming Boris Johnson, bus drivers are grumbling, the trains have stopped running, schools are closed and the newscasters are wearing their 'The End Is Nigh' expression. Surely it must be Armageddon? Perhaps the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse have landed? Nope, it's much worse than that, London has had a few inches of snow. Despite the fact that Scotland regularly has drifts of the white stuff that are measured in feet and large tracts of Scandanavia spend most of Winter covered in it, London has 3 inches and suddenly it's headline news because the entire capital grinds to a shuddering halt. Bloody ridiculous. And today, the day after the snow, is all about 'Whose fault it is that London can't handle a piffling little bit of snow'. This is going to get old very quickly I fear.

I had a lovely time in the snow, college in the afternoon left me and the dog with the morning to play out and if there's one thing Geoffrey loves it's snow. He pounces on hillocks of it, barking like an idiot.



And if that gets dull then there's always digging……



The evening's entertainment was provided by Oscar, who is 7 and lives next door. As I was putting the frost screens onto the car I noticed the chap next door foraging about in the 3 inches of snow on the road. When I asked him what he was doing he told me that as he was bringing the shopping in from the car, Oscar had suddenly said to him "Why didn't you catch the key Daddy?". Daddy didn't catch the only copy of the front door key that they have since Oscar lost the spare because Daddy didn't know that a) Oscar had the key at all and b) He was going to throw it into the snow. Unfortunately Oscar then had a memory lapse and couldn't remember which direction he threw the key in so his father and the older son were spending some quality time fruitlessly trying to find a small doorkey somewhere in the snow covered street. Come 10pm they were still out in the blizzard, this time trying to work out how to fit the new doorlock they'd bought. Bless. Given that Oscar had only just been forgiven for the 6ft smiley face he drew on the carpet last week I can only assume that it was frostier inside the house than outside. This is another reason why I have a dog, not children. My dog will never draw a smiley face on my carpet. Well it's unlikely anyway.

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  1. It is ridiculous that we can't deal with conditions that people the world over are able to deal with and that it gets that much news coverage! I love it though when London comes to a standstill. It meant that I delayed going back to work for 4 days for another week (therefore depression is delayed for a week), Tim and I spent the day together with kids and the world seemed just like a far lovelier place.
    I stupidly gave my daughter my house keys when she was about 18 months and didn't keep track of what she'd done with them. On questioning her where they were she would just look at me blankly. I found them a few days later – at the bottom of my bag! Not such a stoopid child after all!

  2. My brother was meant to start his new job yesterday and couldn't get in. He'd been psyching himself up for ages and was not at all happy. You're right, the world is a far lovelier place when you're playing in the snow than when you're at work.
    Kids seems to have a sort of magnetic attraction to keys and a primeval urge to hide them in odd places!

  3. [esto es genial]

  4. Oh, our dog would be going…"open the door, it's gold…my feet are wet".

  5. I am so jealous! 1.7m is a fantastic amount of snow. The BBC promised me apocalyptic amounts of teh white stuff, they promised me I'd be anowed in and unable to go to work. Instead we get 3 inches. Typical.
    Dogs are indeed the best and Geoffrey is a complete lunatic. There is no way that I've found to properly tire him out. I have only just realised that in the top photo of the view over Manchester I've managed to catch him mid-piss. Well done me.

  6. Mine's not that fond of rain but snow is a different thing entirely, he loves it and gets hopelessly overexcited!

  7. I managed to "interrupt" a chap out "walking" the other day when I went to take some photos. Let's just say he wasn't doing any walking when I was stood there with my camera trying to take a shot over the snowy landscape. Silly chap should have gone somewhere more discreet before he decided to relieve himself, really and I'll pay more attention next time!

  8. Bloody hell, it was freezing that day, he's lucky the thing didn't drop off in the cold. Bet in temperatures like that it didn't look to be anything to write home about!

  9. I didn't write home about it, certainly! I don't know who was more embarrassed, him or me, but part of me really thought that he should be the more embarrassed of the two of us. I didn't hang around long enough to find out, to be honest! I got enough weird looks from parents whose children just happened to be sledging within 100 yards of me whilst I was taking photos in the opposite direction, for me to invite any further ones.

  10. it's so unfair – dog's are ridiculously adorable – and they always seem to have snow right on that spot above their nose – digging i guess – my parents have make like pics of their dogs – actually the wallpaper i have up on my computer has a wolf in the woods balancing snow on it's nose also:)well, i always thought parents should keep a whole wall in their kid's bedroom, just so they can draw all over it – with anything – maybe that would take away the "forbidden" aspect of it – that's one of the things i got into trouble when i was little – drawing on my purple bedroom walls – to this day, i think it was an idiotic thing to get in trouble over – but, i think being able to draw on your bedroom wall would be pretty cool – when it's full, just paint over it and they can draw more – eh, what do i know, i'm not a mom and don't ever intend to be (i'd rather be a dogmom also) – but, i was a teacher and kids do love to scribble away – and with that big a space – i they could go nuts!

  11. p.s. as i just outed myself as a former teacher, please ignore the fact that i put an apostrophe on the first "dogs" – i maniacally edit myself while i write and then i forget to change things

  12. Ah you were a scribbler! I was a peeler, my mum and dad had that godawful textured wallpaper and when I was small I used to sit on the stairs with a book in one hand, picking the textured bits off the wallpaper with the other. You could mark my growth by the way the peeled bit went up the wall…..

  13. Well that's just daft, isn't it? Why didn't the dad just look for the key shaped hole in the snow – that'd be the first place I would start.
    Oh, don't show this to him, and if you do don't tell him it was me… I'd deserve a battering if my comment was serious!

  14. Lovely photos. Your snow made it onto my local news – only as a sort of "it's not only DC that shuts down" story. Washington does tends to fall apart in an inch of snow or ice!

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