And the award for most incompetent department for this month goes to….

The Vale of Glamorgan council. Now as we all know in the UK, nary a week shall pass without another major-league fuck up from a social services department somewhere and there isn't a situation yet experienced that cannot be made be made worse by the judicial application of a social worker but even taking these facts into account, the balls up made by Vale of Glamorgan's council is epic.

What happened is this: Into their care came a 19 year old homeless man. He had a history: alleged 'inappropriate behaviour' towards an underage boy in 2004, an alleged sexual assault on a young boy in 2005, fired from a job at a bowling alley in 2007 for collecting phone numbers from underage girls,  an alleged sexual assualt on a sleeping 16 year old girl in 2008. Now given that history you would be tempted to err on the side of caution wouldn't you? You'd be really really careful where you placed him wouldn't you? Surely his social worker, counseller, psychiatrist and various case workers would be brought in for multiple meetings to find the most suitable and safe environment to put this man in, wouldn't they? You can picture the conversation:

Fiona: Now we're going to have to place him very carefully because he does present a clear and present danger to children.

Tristan: Indeed he does Fiona. Could you pass me another Jaffa Cake? Cheers. Well, I'd say we need to place him either in a secure hostel or with a specially trained foster carer who lives on their own, to prevent him causing any trouble and to protect him from himself.

Fiona: But we don't have any hostel places and the foster carers are still going through police checks. What shall we do?

Tristan: Fuck it. There's a space with that family that have the two year old and the nine year old, stick him in there, I'm sure it'll be fine and as long as the shit doesn't hit the fan then no one will be any the wiser, Right then, if there's no other business I believe that's half past two and time to go home. Lovely. Anyone mind if I pilfer the last jammy dodger?

And so off he goes, into the bosom of a fmily with two small kids who are given no information whatsoever as to his history or proclivities. And what happens? He rapes their two year old and subjects the 9 year old to a terrifying sexual assault. The police arrive, the press gets the story and yet another social services canoe sets off down Shit Creek sans paddle.

So what has the director of Vale of Glamorgan's social services department, Phil Evans had to say for himself? "The council has instigated an urgent case management inquiry into the circumstances of this young man's placement". Well Phil, that's all very well but I believe that the 'case management' horse may have already bolted, given that 2 small kids have now been assaulted, perhaps if case management had been someway off 'utterly shambolic' in the first place then you wouldn't now be looking online for the location of your nearest job centre, ready for your inevitable sacking at the end of the enquiry. Which will naturally conclude that it's all your fault, as they always do. Let's see what else Phil has to say…"Although the enquiry is at an early stage, it has become clear there was a serious error of judgement". No shit. Are you seriosuly trying to tell me Phil, that it takes an enquiry to figure that putting a paedophile in a house with two small kids is an 'error of judgement', christ on a sidecar, Sir, you'd have to have the brains of a turnip to think that this particular judgement was sound. If you can't come up with a better reason or grovelling apology than that then you are screwed, and rightly so. 

The problem seems to be that social workers are now so tied up with PC bullshit, protecting the rights of the offender and not offending anyone at all, no matter how much of a criminally bent scumlord they may be, that the actual job of 'social work' is now impossible. All the social workers who weren't afraid to speak out when something wasn't right and someone was mistreating a vulnerable person have gone, to be replaced by university graduates who become excited by equality and diversity meetings and who believe that the handbook is always right. The PC crap has taken up so much space in their heads that there's no room for common sense anymore and we're left with the most vulnerable in society being guarded by policy-spouting idiots. Marvellous. In the wake of the Shannon Matthews cock up, the Victoria Climbie fiasco, the baby P mess and all the other disasters, I think it would be fair to say that competence is not a virtue valued highly in British social services.  

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  1. Wow! How incredibly awful. I think you are correct in that being too PC is not good for anyone.

  2. [esto es genial]

  3. The system has been made so utterly wank by the current crop of PC pillocks that many departments are asking retired social workers, the ones who used to use their common sense rather than the handbook, to come back. Expect your letter in the post….

  4. Unbelievable. Apart from the direct impacts on the family concerned, I can imagine that something like this would deter a whole lot of other people who might be considering fostering.

  5. hey your one of them english people we don't like you any more over here,obama told me so

  6. ken works at Edmonton Social Services.

  7. Ken is being monitored by Edmonton Social Services.

  8. Hahahahahahahahah!!!
    I got a mental image of that!! Thank you!!

  9. "hey your one of them english people we don't like you any more over here,obama told me so"Let's look at this whole reply, first things first Ken. You should start a new sentence with a capital, no not the premier city in a country, but an upper case letter. In this case, it's an H the 8th letter of the alphabet it comes after G and before I.Your means something belonging too you. You're is perhaps what you meant, meaning "you are", it's the contraction, you're which is often used."one of them english people we don't like you any more over here"Where to start, ok, obviously 'english' (sic) is a noun, you know a person a place or a thing, and that should therefore rightly be "English" yeah I know it's not at the beginning of a sentence (unlike you perhaps?) I'll concede that this whole capitals thing can be confusing. Another confusing thing can be punctuation, you have demonstarted a slight lack of it here in this sentence but I think the whole structure is waaaaay off as well. I think you may have wanted to say"You're English and we don't like you any more"? or possibly "You're English and we don't like you any more than you like us"?",obama told me so", first a soace after a comma is the traditional way we "english" (sic) do it, as is capitalising (that word again) a Noun, now that's not a deroguatory word for an African American, a Politican or indeed a Redneck, therefore it should reall be ", Obama told me so". However I think as you were possibly hammering on the door of irony we may have to let you go but it's the irrelevance to the original post I am having the hardest time with. Maybe your Thorazine wore off? Just reach out, push the red button and someone will come with a shot for you.It's nice to see the terminally stupid getting to use the Internet.

  10. A good friend of yours, Vicola? 😉 I see that his blog is subtitled 'the naked truth'. I guess that means truth unadorned with logic or punctuation.

  11. me spell just fine,, thanks for asking,yes stu. i was trying for a dark irony and just incase you come back with more of your ruler to knuckels bashing i still remember driving my 10th grade english teacher insane,foam at the mouth and all

  12. I'm glad to see that you were paying attention in English class Stuart, your grasp of syntax and semantics is impressive and should you ever decide on a change of direction you would have a fine career teaching the linguistically challenged the error of their ways.
    And I was also slightly baffled as to the leap between our utterly useless social services and Anglo-American relations. I just put it down to me being a bit dense in the morning but as you missed it as well perhaps it wasn't just my idiocy….

  13. From kenMar 19, 2009 8:21 AMlack ofdo you really think that your over done spelling lesson is a stand in for a reply off any insight have you no common dignityI thought I'd post your private message here just for the completeness of the thing.Dignity? I have none left, common or otherwise it makes my job a whole lot easier. I think if I rooted about down the back of the sofa I might find a small amount. My apologies for any offence caused, I appreciate now that you may suffer from a genuine learning difficulty such as dyslexia and it was not my intention to ridicule you for that. It was unfair and I apologise for any offence caused regarding your spelling, writing or grammar. However…Could you perhaps explain you leap from the post to your comment? I have failed to see grasp the logic required to get from Edmonton Social Services to The Commander in Chief's position on international politics in a single bound.On second thoughts, I don't care, let's just call it quits and go about our business?It brings this to mind:

  14. P.S. 20 000 jobs in the private sector are being lost every week.Last month 50 000 jobs in the public sector were created. Frankly if your job title has any of the following words in it then you need to take a good long hard look at yourself in the mirror and ask "where did it all go so very, very wrong?".Out reachFacilitatorSustainabilityDiversificationStakeholder

  15. I saw a cracker in the Guardian the other week for a 'Gay,lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender inclusion facilitator'. Salary, up to £32k. Why the fuck would a council need one of those? What the hell does anyone's sex life have to do with the council? Madness. No wonder the councils are skint. They can't afford to offer respite care to those looking after people full time but yet they can afford to pay people to do non-jobs. Councils have gone to hell in a multi-culturally inclusive, fully diverse, stakeholder led, handbasket I tell you.
    Was amused to see that Ken had taken some time out to give you grief in a private message. It appears that he's been giving Empress Nasi some gip on her blog too, informing her this morning that she had no common sense. I got off lightly by just being disliked because I'm English on the grounds that Obama said so. Which is lovely.

  16. The handbasket you talk of would have also to be Health and Safety approved, ecologically and sustainably sourced and in the interests of all and to be fulkly inclusive we would have to get feetbaskets so that a fair and equitable position was taken for those without hands to participate.The dislike was "ironic" according to our ken (sic) but maybe it was Ken Livingstone demonstrating the qualities which made him so fit to take public office? It is a sad indictment of the state of the public sector that when the the good burghers of London were asked to vote on the question "Who's better than Ken Livingstone" replied "Boris Johnson". If he's the amswer then my friends we are already in hell and the handbasket has combusted.

  17. And no, my spelling is not ironic, my typing is just rubbish and I can't be arsed to spell check because I am a non diverse, unsustainable, unco-operative free range human, who likes to run with scissors with his eyes shut. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. (Outside of course)

  18. Scissors? Running? SMOKING? All in two sentences? Are you mad? Go and see your health and safety education and inclusion officer immediately, you clearly need reprogramming. And you can put that glass of wine down as well because our Five-a-Day and Wellness Coordinator has informed me that just because it's made of grapes does not mean it counts as one of your five a day and that the cocoa bean is NOT a vegetable.

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