Sign it, people, sign it!

Those greedy bastards in Westminster are looking to add another wodge of tax onto every litre of fuel we buy, presumably so that Jacqui Smith's husband can afford the deluxe premium porno channel and Alistair Darling can add another tax-payer funded property to his portfolio. In an attempt to have this stopped, the Freight Transport Association are looking to get MPs to put a stay of execution on this idea, as a lot of freight companies are struggling to stay afloat in the recession. The more it costs to transport goods and the more freight companies go to the wall, the more it's going to cost us all to buy anything that's transported by road. And let's be honest – if we give more money to the government they are only going to piss it up the wall or install a solid gold shower in Harriet Harman's bathroom with it. So if you've got a spare minute, please visit the Freight Transport Association's "Every Penny Counts" campaign site here and order some postcards. You just fill them in, get all your mates to fill them in and everyone in the pub and then pop them into the post. You don't even have to attach a stamp, couldn't be simpler! Go on, do it, you know you want to…….

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  1. yea sure just come over here and sign my petition to get obama deported back to kenya and i'll help you with your's

  2. [esto es genial]

  3. Erm…my knowledge of American politicians is not quite what it might be but isn't Obama American, not Kenyan? I believe his grandmother lives in Kenya?

  4. there is a 'fringe' movement here to make obama show his b.c. which he refuses to's now being looked at by the supreme court.his mother was in and out of the country around the time he was born.and he spent his early years in another country this also bothers alot of americans

  5. I'm sure that his birth certificate would have been checked before he was given a position of power. And my mother was born in Germany, on an air force base, but she's still British and holds a British passport. Arnie is governor of California and he was born in Austria! It's what he does that counts, not whether his mother spent 30% of her time elsewhere!

  6. the last joke i saw was a guy talking about using his credit card to pay for his pizza and the clerk asked for his i.d. and the man comes out with ..why the president didn't have to show his i.d….you don't have to be born in this country to be governor,but to be president you do…if your mother was british and born on a british air force base then she is british,same as americans.. but if your father was from kenya,and you were born outside of the u.s. you are not a american citizen. obama is stepping on alot of toes and their going to find away to show him some people are talking about the way michelle mugged the queen,and the way obama bowed to the king of saudia arabia,,americans are proud of the fact that we bow to no one

  7. Michelle did not mug the queen, she gave the queen a hug and the queen gave her a hug back. A lot of UK residents think this was lovely as the queen isn't noted for displays of affection. Obama showed respect to the king of Saudi Arabia, nothing wrong with that, it's polite. The Japanese are a very proud people indeed and they bow to all and sundry, it's a cultural thing, not a lack of pride thing.

  8. Why do you talk to illiterate trolls?
    I am surprised at your hobbies honestly. Do you also speak to plants and encourage protozoic life forms in petri dishes to become quadripeds?
    Besides as you have said before…ken is a ward of Endmonton health services. It is unkind to make fun of the retarded by pretending to engage them in normal conversation as though they could comprehend your sentences like normal people!
    Truly an evil, blue-war-painted, naked creature you are!

  9. hey g-string is back,what is that $5.00 word 'protozoic' that's a really great word g-string, kudo's on that word !!!!!!!!!! now if you could just form a opinion all on your own i would start thinking you are from this planet and not a form of bacteria from mar's. well after you get your panty's out of a knot i'll be waiting for a honest to god social opinion.cmon go ahead and try i know you can do it…been reading your page havn't seen any proof of any social responsibility yet,other then reafirming your believe in your own sexuality

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