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I don't think I'm cut out for this house selling business. I take things too personally. Last Wednesday we had our first viewing. We spent most of Tuesday evening after work frantically stuffing crap into cupboards and drawers, banished the dog to my parent's house and set about removing the vast number of moulted hairs from round the edges of carpets, scrubbed the toilets will they shone like polished silver and cleaned the kitchen to within an inch of its life. So the people came, looked round, said the house was lovely and left. The next day the estate agent rang and said that the people were trying to decide between our house and a 4 bedroom house in a scrotey bit of town that didn't cost very much more than our house. Since then, nothing, not a word. So we can safely assume that rather than pick my lovely, shiny, new, polished, recently-decorated-in-tastful-neutral-shades house, they have picked some shitty fleapit in a grotty neighbourhood where nobody works and your car wheels get nicked if you park at traffic lights. What the hell is wrong with these people? And what the hell is wrong with my house? Don't be coming in telling me it's nice and then not offering to buy it at the full asking price, I don't care what you think about my light fittings and the colour I put on the bedroom walls unless you are going to buy it. Swines. And another thing, given that my house is WAY nicer than most out there (you'd be astounded at what some people do to the interior of a house, there really is no accounting for taste), why have we only had one viewer in 2 and a bit weeks?

Told you. Not good at house selling.

On the bright side, we are having a mini heatwave here in Manchester. I count it as a bright side now because it's only 9am, by the time the sun comes round to our side of the non air-conditioned office and heats it up, taking my office temperature up to a brain-melthing 35 degrees I suspect I will count it as more of a curse. But it was lovely yesterday, sitting in the garden reading a book and hoping the barbecue that the half-wit at the back built right up against the garden boundary didn't set fire to the fence and from there, the guinea pigs. I even have a slight tan which I like to think is natural but which I suspect is a result of 4 coats of that moisturiser with the fake tan in it. You can tell it's really hot because I am wearing a skirt to work, something which I do roughtly twice a year. Hurrah for summer, if I could just stop sodding sneezing it would be marvellous!  

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  1. Maybe it's because no-one has any money during these uncertain times. Good luck, anyway.Our daughter's partner talked to the folks back in Inverness yesterday. They were positively sweltering in the 27C heat. Blame global warming, I say.We were in Manchester around this time last year. Happy memories…

  2. Do you have viewings/open house on the weekends or only during the week? Maybe people don't want to take time off work to look at houses – it wouldn't do to look as if one was slacking during the current economy. Warm weather is wonderful; hot weather is horrid – it won't be long before I start complaining about the heat and humidity here.

  3. [esto es genial]

  4. If I find that any of the bastards are there just for the craic I'll go after them with the specially sharpened cocktail sticks that I had ready for the zombie invasion that would follow the swine flu. I don't spend hours cleaning the bloody place just for some nosy git to have a squint round my kitchen. I'm never moving again ever and am giving serious thought to sacking this move off altogether as well.

  5. "Don't be coming in telling me it's nice and then not offering to buy it
    at the full asking price, I don't care what you think about my light
    fittings …"Some people just don't deserve to buy your house, especially with the shining toilet.More deserving owners will be just around the corner.

  6. Fingers crossed. Because if the house I've seen that I really want gets sold before I sell mine you'll be able to hear the resulting tantrum from where you are.

  7. You know I feel your pain! got to put ours back on the market this week… urgh!Here's hoping we each get a lovely buyer who decides are houses are so lovely they want to offer the full asking price 😉

  8. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for both of us! I'd forgotten what an utter horror selling houses was and why I'd said last time that I'd never do it again but now it's all coming back to me….

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