British politics – it’s all a bit of a mess really.

Well, the local and European elections have taken place and the first results are showing that Labour do indeed seem to be getting the anticipated kicking that had been predicted. Not really a huge surprise given that Gordon Brown appears to have fewer political supporters than he has toes and his ministers are deserting the good ship Brown in droves. I was pleased to see that poisonous little midget Blears stand down as a minister. According to her it was because she wanted to go back to Salford and do more for her constituents but we all know that it was really because she's a turncoat who never got on with Gordon Brown and has always been the first flea to desert the political corpse. In fact of all the ministers who have quit, the only one with any balls whatsoever is the former Work and Pensions secretary, James Purnell. In his resignation letter he told Gordon Brown that it was time he stepped down as PM for the sake of the party and the government. Up till then they'd all cited family reasons because they are too concerned with their own seedy little careers to risk completely alienating Brown, just in case the entire opposition and every member of every other political party were accidentally to be swept into the sea meaning he did get to be PM for a bit longer and maybe win the next general election.

So the circus rumbles on and we carry on waiting to see which member of Gordon Brown's 'loyal' cabinet will stand down next. Today's offering was the Defence minister, Hutton. My but the military are going to miss him, the man who has sent them to war hopelessly underfunded, under-prepared and under-equipped. If he finds a job commensurate with his organisational skills we can confidently expect him to find him in uniform - asking if you want fries with that.

One interesting and amusing thing to come out of the European elections (and I am aware that there isn't usually anything even vaguely interesting or amusing about European politics), is that Nigel Farage, leader of the rather pointless UKIP (UK Independence Party) is furious. His reasoning? According to him, UKIP have lost valuable votes because…….the ballot paper was so large that it was folded over for ease of handling and UKIP were in the bottom half so their supporters didn't see the box and didn't put their X in it. If I were a supporter of UKIP I'd probably be slightly offended that the leader of my political party of choice thought I was too much of a halfwit to unfold a ballot paper and probably assumed that even if I managed to acheive viewing the entire form, I'd just draw a big. smiley face on the paper before licking it thoroughly and throwing it at the wall. Who knows, perhaps he's right about his supporters. I presume that the people sorting the ballot papers assumed that if a voter was bright enough to manage to get to the polling station without being run over by a big, red bus, eating glass off the road or getting their head stuck in railings, they were probably clever enough to work out how to unfold the paper. Clearly Nigel does not share their confidence in the great British public. Personally I think he's just looking for an excuse for his party's woeful performance in all areas, something that Gordon Brown has stopped bothering to do, posibly because there just aren't enough hours in the day. Actually I'm starting to feel a tiny bit sorry for him, it's like watching one of those films where someone has the worst year at work ever and each day receives a new slap in the chops. Everyone feels for the underdog. Sadly for Mr Brown, my sympathy for the underdog does not over-ride my fury at the smash and grab of my salary via taxation so I still wouldn't vote for him.

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  1. Poor Gordon. He must be the loneliest man in the U.K. at the moment. I wonder how much longer this can go on. I see where the conservatives did quite well in the council elections, much to their surprise.

  2. [esto es genial]

  3. I was there at 5pm and there was a steady stream of people in and out of the polling station, more than there usually seems to be when there's anything but a general election on. Turnout seems to be have been a lot better than usual and as long as they weren't in there voting for the knuckle-dragging racist bigot party, sorry, BNP, then that must be a good thing.

  4. I noticed on a trip to work yesterday that the BNP have been canvassing (read: sticking their bloody signage all over) Worsley and surrounding area. Sadly for me, I couldn't see them on the ballot paper either so they didn't get my vote.
    On theft by MPs/Government/Councillors etc, has anyone requested the interest back on these ridiculous amounts of money? If not, I'll set the account up if someone else wants to go halves and work out the interest at a very reasonable 29.9%APR

  5. i don't know too much about your politics but isn't brown suppose to be sticking around for awhile,and arn't alot of people pissed off about shaira law being used in english court's.the one comment about consevatives doing good warmed my heart

  6. You may well be right, I don't know why he doesn't quit because his life would be so much better for it. He gets £194000 a year basic before expenses for doing his job, there's no way I'd take on that godawful role for that money, no way on earth. The Conservatives seem to have picked up a few seats they didn't have before and fortunately the knuckle-draggers of the BNP haven't.

  7. The BNP were canvassing here too. They did a leaflet drop and I have to say that I was very impressed. They don't print leaflets on that shiny paper so when I stuck them in the bottom of the hutch they soaked up more guinea pig piss than any other political party. I may write to them and let them know. It's the one thing they've ever done that has been useful to society in any way.I'll go halves with you on the account. We could make a tidy sum out of this. Blears paid back £13k, someone else £40k and a variety of sums inbetween. With a lively interest rate of 29.9% we should be able to afford a bathroom like Jacqui Smith's in no time.

  8. The Conservatives do seem to be doing very well over here but it's not all support for them that's getting them results, a lot of it is a protest against Labour. To be honest, I don't know a huge amount about the legal system and whether Sharia law is used. I know there have been calls from some leaders for Sharia law to be allowed, or aspects of it, but I'm not sure whether it ever happened.

  9. sometimes i get slanted news over here,there was a report that sharia law will be excepted as long as it doesn't directly interfer with english law.but most people i know from england are saying their being p.c. to death

  10. Always interesting to read your unique and very readable perspective on UK and European politics.Thank you.

  11. Most people here believe that if you come to make your home in Britain you must accept British law, in the same way that if you move from Britain to Saudi Arabia then you must operate under Saudi Arabian laws. While we are all for a fair society over here, there has to be give and take and at the moment, from some sections of society (a minority section, most integrate and mix just fine) there is a lot of take but no give at all.

  12. which leads to everybody's hope of international law,or how to fit sharia law into some country's anarchist law in a way that makes everybody happy.

  13. Sorry for Gordon fuckwithievingcuntbastardshit Brown???You wound me, you do.

  14. I can't decide whether I think he's a man with a misguided but genuine idea of how he wants tthe UK to be or whether he's a power crazed maniac who is just hanging on out of sheer spleen.

  15. Who cares?!?!? He should just die,die, die, die…
    I like being objective about these poliTicks "people"..

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