SO over housebuying…

The house that we (and by 'we' I do of course mean 'I' ) really really wanted has gone up on Rightmove as 'Sold Subject to Contract'. I'm trying very hard to be mature about this and to wish the buyers well because they are probably people just like us who really liked the lovely house and garden and just want somewhere nice to live. I am however failing dismally. I know, deep down, that is is wrong to hope that they decide they hate each other and can't live together anymore, I know it's wrong to hope that whoever is buying their house and freeing up their money flies off on holiday and ends up on some weirdy island with giant polar bears and wispy dark clouds of oddness like in Lost. I know I shouldn't hope that the surveyor looking at their hosue for the new buyer discovers that it's built over a mineshaft and the resulting subsidence means that the building is unlikely to still be standing come christmas. I know that thinking all these things is not nice but I can't help it, which is really bad because given my current run of luck on all matters financial, in fact on all matters at the moment, karma will catch up with me and I'll get hit with all three scenarios before the end of the month.

On the bright side, we've got a viewing this afternoon at 5.30pm. You know how you sometimes get a really good feeling about something, as if it's all going to go right? Well I don't have one of those today which means I'm less likely to be disappointed when the people viewing don't immediately get down on their knees and beg me to allow them to buy my beautiful dweeling for twice the asking price. So, I need everyone to keep fingers, toes, knees and eyes crossed for this afternoon. Surely it's my turn for something to go right….. 

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  1. Fingers, toes, knees and eyes duly crossed for you, Vicola. How long do I have to stay like this?

  2. Another 9 hours should do it, they'll be gone by 6.30pm and it's now half nine in the morning. I hope you weren't planning on going running or doing any knitting today….

  3. I hope you weren't planning on going running or doing any knitting today….No, I wasn't, but I'd better go light on the liquid refreshment, though…

  4. I'm with you 100% on this Vicola, though I have left crossing fingers and eyes crossed just long enough to write this comment of support for you.
    It took me 12 months to sell my old house with my ex, but that's only because she was still living in it and I believe from what I was told by the estate agents, for the first few months she was badmouthing the place, the neighbours and me into the bargain. Presumably you don't have a resident dragon living in your house, so on that score you should be fine.
    Everything crossed – I'm sure this will hinder my progress in work but hey ho, that's what friends are for.

  5. Oooh, all crossed for you here (might be a tad difficult working like this but am sure i'll be fine). x

  6. Luckily my lunch break should coincide nicely with the viewing so I will be able to cross everything then. I am going to be hungry later though!!

  7. magic happens – and it may just be coming your way.

  8. [esto es genial]

  9. Sorry to say I identify totally with your attitude about the dream house being sold. Inner being wishes them well……mind generating all sorts of wonderful ideas of retribution.Sorry about your subsequent post about the "bastards".If I wasn't being so repetitious I would once again raise the subject of the possible usefulness of explosives.

  10. I'm considering explosives. I tell you, if I'd managed to get hold of Mr whatever his name that didn't turn up last night then you'd have heard the resulting explosion from where you are!

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