Fingers crossed

I would just like to ask all the nice Voxers out there to keep their fingers and toes crossed for Father of Vicola who is today having surgery on blocked arteries in an attempt to restore the blood supply to his foot and allow him to walk further than 10 paces again. Thank you for your assistance!!

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9 Responses

  1. All duly crossed for your man.

  2. Fingers and toes duly crossed, Vicola. Hope it all goes well.

  3. Everything crossed. I hope the surgery goes well.

  4. All crossed for him!

  5. [esto es genial]

  6. sending good vibes to him ad you both

  7. My thoughts are also with the both of you.

  8. So sorry, I missed this post yesterday. Still, I have everything crossed for Father-of-Vicola. I am sure he will be absolutely fine 🙂

  9. tell him good luck,now he'll really be able to chase those young girls around..

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