A brief thank you

Just a brief thank you to everyone who sent good wishes and vibes for father-of-Vicola's operation. He is now up and about, swearing, being grumpy and moaning about the fact that his football team got stuffed royally on Saturday by a team up of the only 11 people in Bournemouth who are under 80. Clearly he's on the mend. The ward was horrendous, full of ill people. I'm slightly scared of ill people, on the grounds that they may be contagious and therefore may make me ill, not a situation that pleases me. One bloke was sat there in his bed, right by the door you use to get on and off the ward, in his pants and nothing else, throwing up more loudly than I've ever heard anyone honk before while his dozy wife sat there staring into space and smiling inanely. For the love of god woman, draw the curtains, it isn't a spectator sport and we don't all want to bloody watch. I tell you, I scuttled past the ill man like someone had set fire to my arse, I can tell you. It's been years since I moved that fast. And as for some of the other visitors, well, no woman over a size 30 should ever be seen in public without a bra and no, coral leggings and a lilac t-shirt do not go together. Or they shouldn't, not in public anyway.

This is just a quick entry because I'm at the inlaw's house. Which in itself provides a wealth of stories and unfortunate events but they are going to have to wait till I get home because any minute now someone is going to walk in and start nosying over my shoulder again. So bye for now and hope you're all having a good week!

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  1. Good news! We'll keep everything crossed for a quick recovery now too 🙂

  2. Good to hear he's OK, Vicola.

  3. Good news. His grumpiness is a good sign. I know.Being convincingly grumpy takes effort and attention to detail.Hope he doesn't take cricket seriously ….after what just happened to England over the weekend he would have reason to be even more grumpy.

  4. Sorry I missed this, Vicola, but glad I got here at the tail end. I 'm keeping my fingers crossed and sending good thoughts that all will be well and a speedy recovery. The scenery sounds interesting while he's there, anyway.

  5. Fantastic news, Vicola – obviously regarding Father-of-Vicola rather than being at the in-laws. I know how bad that can be…

    Anyway, I look forward to your return and to some of the postable anecdotes you may have 🙂

  6. You don't enjoy watching people vomit? Gee … you must be no fun to be around. Oh, and an "arse on fire" … good that happened in the hospital.Seriously, though, glad your dad is fine.

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