It’s just life…..again.

We have got Sky. The idea of Sky had been broached by Mr Vicola but I believed I had made my belief that Sky is the TV viewing option of Satan perfectly clear. Apparently not, because it was installed in the house when I arrived at home after work. We are now the proud possessors of 15 squillion channels of mindless, pixellated entertainment. If I really felt the urge, I could watch a whole day of sci-fi weirdness or soppy Mills and Boon style romance. Currently Mr Vicola is engrossed by a man who is talking about who built the Sphinx, happy days. I am slightly concerned that Mr Vicola may lose the ability to speak altogether after having Sky for a few months and I'm fairly sure that there's some sort of evil message being beamed into the subconscious of Sky subscribers by the Dark Lord Murdoch. I don't know what his plan is yet but  it could well have something to do with taking over the world. I'm onto him though and I refuse to be suckered in by 24 hour availability of murder mysteries…

In other nonsense, today has been spent lamenting the gross stupidity of the halfwitted muppets in the Debenhams warehouse. My grandmother bought us some lovely glasses from Debenhams as a wedding present. That was three years ago and being the clumsy pair of oafs that we are, we've managed to break some of them over that time so I decided to go onto the Debenhams website and order some more tumblers and some more wine glasses. The tumblers arrived without a problem but the wineglasses are proving more problematic. Now I don't know about you but I wouldn't have thought that taking a box of fragile wine glasses, putting them in a plastic bag then slinging them in a sack with a load of other stuff with delivery was the way forwards. Apparently the same thought didn't occur to whichever partially trained monkey was dealing with my order because the glasses arrived, in their plastic bag, in many tiny little shards. So I sent them back with the courier and rang Debenhams to inform them of this unfortunate incident. They were very apologetic and assured me that this shouldn't have happened and another pack of glasses woudl be sent out immediately, in a more glass-friendly package. Little did I know that by 'glass friendly package' they actually meant  new plastic bag' because the new pack of glasses arrived today, in exactly the same packaging and even more pieces than the last one. Good work Debenhams. So that's £40 of glasses plus delivery costs on 2 packages that they have wasted because someone in their warehouse is too stupid to work out that if thin glass is flung round the back of a van without adequate padding, it will break. Honestly, how hard is it to work out really? I'mthinking that perhaps the warehouse requires a new packaging policy, preferably not one drawn up by someone with more toes than functioning brain cells. Perhaps I'll just do a trawl round the stores instead.

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  1. I like the History Channel, but as Mrs Snowy has exclusive ownership of the control, I rarely get to watch it.more toes than functioning brain cellsHmm, a budding politician, no doubt.

  2. [esto es genial]

  3. There are some benefits from having limited solar power. One being that our 5 free-to-air channels adequately fill our daily TV ration of mind numbing rubbish.Don't try to reorganise Debenhams too much…you might put some packing staff out of a job.

  4. I think we have the 'sport' package for Mr Vicola and the 'documentary' package, which was purchased in an attempt to get me interested and stop me from being cross about the fact that Murdoch's empire now extends to my living room and I wasn't consulted about it!

  5. I'd noticed that too. At any hour of the day and night on either channel 4, E4 or E4+1 there will ALWAYS be an episode of Friends on. And it will always ave exactly the same format – the blonde one will do something weird and 'kooky', the thick bloke will say something stupid and allegedly funny, the obsessive dark haired girl will speak in staccato bursts and clean something and the other two will fall out while still being in love. I never did get the appeal of Friends I'm afraid.

  6. With Freeview we had nearly a hundred channels of crap, now we have literally, well, actually I don't know how many channels of crap we now have becaus eI got bored trawling through them and trying to work out which we were allowed to access and which we weren't. But it's a lot. And he only wanted it for the football as well..

  7. Murdoch's empire now extends to my living room and I wasn't consulted about it! I don't know if it's the same setup as here, but if it is, by way of retaliation, there's lots of boring old movies that you could insist you watch, just as the Match of the Day is about to start.

  8. We have tons of channels too and it STILL seems like nothing is ever on. I hate television.As for the glasses, that is really stupid on their part! At this point they should bedelivering new (well packaged) glasses AND refunding your money for all the inconvenience to you!

  9. We have "basic" cable and then pay for one premium channel because they have great documentaries. I think we would be happy to just have the premium channel but of course it doesn't work that way – you pay for all these other ones that have crap on them or repeat their programs ad nauseum. That's incredible about the glasses – I would blame interns if it was here…….

  10. all right mr. vicola…you can get most of it online now.but its still good to sit back in the lazy boy and find out why the sphinx was ''really'' built..

  11. Sky plus is fantastic because it means if you watch a lot of telly you get a chunk of your life back that would have otherwise been wasted waiting for adverts to finish. I was worried when I first got it that I would get square eyes but I actually watch less now but am more discerning and watch it at my convenience rather than the TV schedulers. It's quite liberating. I never watch live TV other than BBC 24.And yes there is a lot of tat on there but hidden gems – as a yoga fan I love Body in Balance which has loads of different yoga classes on it.

  12. I'm not best pleased with Sky either. I have Sky+ which is a great ideas as Rev Stan mentioned before – no bloody adverts. I will start watching a program about 17 minutes into it, because then I can fast forward at my leisure through the adverts and finish just when it ends.
    However. My Sky+ box and the three previous to it have taken to freezing for anywhere between 5 and 10 seconds. If I rewind, the program then plays ok, but it'll do it again later. Can't show the engineer unless he moves in with us because as mentioned, when rewinding or playing back a recorded item it works fine.
    I also begrudge this new HD thing – I have a sizeable telly – HD ready – and PS3 so I can watch Hi Def movies etc, but if I want Sky HD I have to pay £10 per month on top of my subscription. That's fine, if I subscribe to every single channel they offer at an astronomical rate, but as I only get basic + kids shows and documentaries, I'll get approximately 1/10 of the HD channels yet still have to pay the £10? No chance. Freesat HD needs to get more channels, then I will be mostly going with them.

  13. The thing with Sky is that everything seems to be an extra. Mr Vicola got it for the United matches so he got the basic + sports + documentaries package. Then he discovered that half the matches are on Sky Sports and half on ESPN so now he has to pay £8 a month for ESPN as well. And sometimes stuff on the sports channels is pay to watch so then you have to pay extra for that thing too. It all seems like some giant sized rip off. Sky+ is quite good coz you can record a whole series if it's on in the middle of the night but it's got a very limited size and unlike my recorder box thingy I have on the other telly, you can't put things onto DVDs if you want to keep them.

  14. Not without spending out on another recorder box as I had to. Damn sky. Damn them to hell.

    I agree with you on the topic of Friends though, I never quite got the show. Other than the alleged funny man talking like WIlliam Shatner, there's pretty much just everything you described. How did it get past pilot…

  15. What baffles me is that not only did it get past pilot, it ran for TEN SERIES. That's ten series of the same thing happening episode after episode after episode. And virtually all the women I know have the box set of all ten series. I can think of fewer duller ways to pass an afternoon than sitting through hours of Friends….

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