Some pictures from the Highlands

It rained for most of the time and the rest it was grey but we went to some pretty places where I played with my camera…..

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  1. Nice shots, Vicola, which evoke just a little nostalgia, quite a bit, actually.

  2. Ah yes, you've been up to the Highlands haven't you? It's a beautiful place and the photos don't do it justice, you can never quite catch how breathtaking the views are and the way the sunbeams come through the clouds and catch the water…

  3. Eilean Donean looks like it's taken from the other side of the loch from the main drag, was it? It must be the most photographed spot in the Highlands. We stopped there for a photo shoot on the way from Inverness to Skye. I'm trying to think what those pink flowers are in the shot from lochcarron. They appear all over the U.K., and really add to photo shots, I feel.

  4. It was taken from a little service station away from the main entrance. It would have been nicer if it had been sunnier, annoyingly the sun came out as we headed back down the road to Inverness. Not sure what the flowers are, they are everywhere here, round the edges of meadows and along country roads, I'll ask my mum, she's pretty good on wild flowers. Apparently Eilean Donean is the most well known castle, as in the most easily identifiable, in the world. Or so my father in law tells me!

  5. [esto es genial]

  6. Cheers! And I too was impressed by the name 'plockton'. Also down the road to Inverness is a place called 'Killiecrankie'. Now that's a good name too.

  7. That is a lovely looking area. I especially like the bottom photo.

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